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Smoking is one of these habits that many people hate doing but continue to do as the battle to quit is simply too hard. Other people don’t quit smoking as they simply don’t want to and enjoy it. 

We have all seen the images on cigarette packages with the gangrene feet, smoking near children and general smoking pictures but sometimes we need a little more than images to help us fight the battle. There are thousands of campaigns out there to help people try and quit but most use the scare or serious tactics. Not everyone is the same; each person is reached or touched in a different way.

The standard gangrene images, the black lungs or other horrible pictures might not be enough to help you quit smoking after you have made the decision. So here are a few different ideas to hopefully help the process.

  1. Smoking is a habit, reaching into the packet to get a smoke is a habit. So keep your empty packet, clean it out as much as possible and buy some chewing gum. Preferably the sticks as they are kept in single wrappers. Fill the packet to the rim of chewing gum so each time you go to take a smoke out, you get gum instead. This will give you a different flavour in your mouth, still give your hands something to do and over time you will eventually stop reaching for a smoke.
  2. Try patches. It can take only 5mg of pure nicotine to kill an adult, so smoking on them is dangerous and you can get sick. Apart from just using the patches, if you do smoke while using them, you might side effects such as headaches, diarrhoea, dizziness and fainting. This might encourage you not to smoke as naturally you would feel horrible or cause some serious damage.
  3. Go visit a doctor. A doctor can prescribe medicine to help make this fight a little easier. You would need to explain to them the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day to best help you.
  4. Go on a Camping trip or somewhere you simply cannot purchase smokes. Take some friends or family along with you for fun and support. Plan lots of things and have heaps of fun to help keep yourself occupied. If the trip is for a couple of days the hard yards will be over by the time you get back and you should be less likely to start back up again.
  5. Purchase an electronic Cigarette. You will still feel like you’re having a smoke, and even look like it. You can choose a Tobacco or non-Tobacco E-cigarette so you don’t have to go cold turkey if you don’t want to. These can be purchased in many different places.
  6. Create a Family and Friend event that everyone gets aboard. For example: “If Jake shaves his head, I will quit smoking”. The fun and competiveness of it is a great way to keep you going and get encouragement. You could even run a family betting system that the proceeds go to charity or take everyone out to Dinner.
  7. Make yourself a smokers saving Jar. Each time you don’t have a smoke put 50cents in the jar. Smoking is very expensive and seeing the money grow is great encouragement. Someone who smokes a packet a day can be spending from $10 – $30 a day on cigarettes. At the end of your packet you will have that money to go and spend elsewhere. Think of something you want to buy and aim for that. Watch your money grow!
  8. Weigh up the Pro’s and the Cons of smoking. Get a notepad and write down everything you enjoy about smoking, then write everything you hate about smoking. Writing and Reading them may help you with your fight.  In that list write down the times you are more inclined to smoke. At the computer, in the car, the pub or wherever you find you usually want one. Then try to avoid spending lots of extra time at those places.
  9. Get Hypnotized. A lot of people find that the battle is simply too hard and they would like some extra help. Getting hypnotized can help you stop the cravings and give up straight away without any dramas. It doesn’t always work, but hey it’s worth a shot!
  10. Ask for help. There are thousands of services out there that you can phone for extra help when quitting smoking. If you do quit and happen to relapse don’t be scared to start again. Practice makes perfect!