Recycling has become more and more important, especially as there are more and more people on the earth. Not only that, but the effects of not recycling and the waste that is created is being seen every day. As people have become more aware about recycling and the fact that natural resources won't be around forever, interesting ways to recycle have become sprouting up.

Recycling is not just about places aluminum in one bin and glass in another so the garbage collectors come get it. Although this is important to do and should be done whenever possible, there are ways to reuse and recycle more items that never need to end up in the trash in the first place.

  • Use jars to store items in. Such as in the garage to organize nails and screws. Or for craft projects, such as placing markers, crayons and other items in the jars. Glass jars are extremely useful because the lids fit tightly, they can easily be cleaned and come in numerous sizes. They can be turned into small vases, just by adding paint or candle by melting down wax to pour in.
  • Aluminum cans are great to make outdoor candles out of. They can also be used for small flower pots, by punching holes in the bottom. This is true of coffee cans as well.
  • Old candle wax can be melted down again to make new candles. Broken crayons can also be melted down and used for candle wax too.
  • Old clothing can be cut and sewn into purses, wallets, bags and rag rugs just to name a few. Old clothing is perfect to use as rags around the house for cleaning, instead of buying more rags. This works also for baby blankets and towels too.
  • Miscellaneous beads, scrap material, crayons, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes and kleenex boxes work perfect for kids crafts. Many schools also accept these type of donations for their art classes.
  • Broken jewelry pieces and parts can be used for craft projects, as stated above, or to be made into new jewelry.
  • Tube TVs, stereos and other electronics can be gutted and used as unique flower pots. Just make sure any glass from a tube TV is recycled properly. However, adding some paint to old electronics can create an interesting container.
  • Broken pots can still be used, just by burying them a little ways into the ground and placing the plant in the center, to make it look like it was suppose to be that way. Also, pots and ceramics can be broken into smaller pieces and used for mosaics on stepping stones, tables, mirrors or wall decorations.
  • Dead flowers can be used for potpourri. Just add spices found at home.
  • Compost can be made from bio-degradable foods and left overs. For example, coffee grounds, the paper the grounds may be in, banana peels, orange peels, fruit gone bad, other plants, other foods and left overs. These can be ground up and used as a natural fertilizer on a lawn, flowers, bushes and trees.
  • Favorite pieces of furniture, especially if made from wood, can be sanded and re-painted to use again. A dresser can be used for storage of dining items in a dining room. A hutch can be turned into a tucked away craft storage area or a small desk space.
  • Instead of throwing out items that are no longer needed, donate them to local charities if there still in working condition or only need minor repairs. This includes clothing, furniture, toys, decor and even cars and other vehicles.
These are just a few additional ways to try and use everything around the home. Once started recycling items, it's amazing how many uses old items can have.