There are many different forms of Clocks that have developed over the years, these clocks range from digital clocks to grandfather clocks. Everything of an electronic sort and every sort of gadget that we buy, seems to beep. There are many clocks that we use every day to clocks you probably have never heard of, I will be discussing some of these clocks here.

The digital clock, we can almost call this clock a classic to our era. The digital clock has not been around for very many decades at all, however it seems like we would be lost without it. The digital clock is a clock which is shown usually without the hands of a conventional clock, for example the time would be held as 12.45pm rather than showing the hands of a clock, and having to work it out for yourself. Over the last 10 years that have been many digital clocks that simulate the hands of a conventional clock, these are still digital because they are purely electronic.

The grandfather clock is one of the oldest clocks know to man, The grandfather clock used a pendulum to rock back and forth from left to right. Its history is often highly associated with the Victorian ages, and also the medieval days. These clocks can be very rare, and in many cases clocks like these have reaches thousands of pounds in auctions, some of them date back over a hundred years, these are the ones that generally sell for the highest amounts of money.

The cuckoo clock is another classic design that everybody knows and recognises, weather you associate it with cartoons, or a certain film, it is a design that will never die. There is usually a lot detail to these clocks and the details and age is what fetches a lot of money for these clocks. The clock is meant to be a bird house, and when the time strikes o'clock the bird will pop out making a sound that birds make. In the black forest of Germany is where this clock was originated, however many people still think it came from Switzerland.

The Mantel clock is one which has been around for a while, we usually associates this with homely places when we think about it. However the mantelpiece clock is usually overseen. The clocks are more commonly used with older people and is more associated with them, more than with the youth today. This is because its highest popularity was around 50 years ago, it is important to mention that these clocks are still very popular now and probably will be for a very long time. The
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