There are so many different types of freelance writer websites out there that it may be difficult sometimes to choose which one your going to write for. Many freelance writers sometimes choose to write for multiple freelance writer sites, but there are only so many hours in a day. There will end up being a few freelance writer sites that you will get most of your work published on. Freelance writing is a great way to make money whether you write full time and earn a full time income, or on a part time basis to help you generate an extra income.

So what are the best freelance writer websites to write for? Which one will earn me the most money? There is no definite answer to those questions, everyone gets different results with different websites. There are many good freelance writer websites that can earn you good money such as the site your reading this article on right now. Infobarrel is passive income freelance writer website, which basically means that you can earn a residual income month after month. Your articles can basically earn you money month after month as long as it is published on the site. If you have a talent and passion for writing, you can share your work on Infobarrel and build yourself a nice monthly income. Other residual income freelance writer websites are sites such as Bukisa, Hubpages, and Suite 101. These are not the only ones, there are many, many more.

There are other type of freelance writer websites that do not pay you a residual income off of your articles. These freelance writer websites instead pay you one time up front for your articles. The amount that they pay you will depend on which freelance writer website you are using and other things that determine what your payment will be. You might get paid only a couple dollars for your articles, then again you may get paid twenty dollars for some articles, it all depends. Some of these type of freelance writer websites are sites like Constant Content, Textbroker, and Demand Studios. Again, this is just a few of the many great freelance writer websites out there that will pay you up front for your articles.

So which type of freelance writer website is better? I say that a little mix of both is the best way to go. Currently, I am going to try to get as many articles that I possibly can right here on Infobarrel, which is a passive income freelance writer website, I'm hoping to build a nice monthly income here. As of this writing I have only a few articles up on the site, even though I have been registered for a while now. The passive income freelance writer website that I used to spend most of my time on before was Ehow, from which I have built myself a nice monthly income from. Recently though, Ehow has shut its doors and closed down, while encouraging most of its writers to join Demand Studios, which by the way also owned Ehow. Even though Ehow has shut down, they are still going to pay their former writers each and every month for the articles they have written, which is a great thing for me and other former Ehow writers. So in my quest to find another passive income website to put my work on, I have chosen Infobarrel.

I also write for a up front payment freelance writer website called Textbroker. When you write for Textbroker you are paid one time for the article that you write. The amount varies depending on how many words your article has, and what writing level you are at. Textbroker clients put their article request in a pool that you can view, they also state how many words the article has to be, and what the payment for your work will be. When you see an article you want to write, you choose it and it's yours. They also have a writing level grading system too. By doing good quality work, you can end up getting paid even more . I like to write for Textbroker that way I am guaranteed to earn a certain amount per day from my writing. Then I do a couple articles per day for my passive income website to generate an income for the long haul. So as you can see, working both systems is the smart way to go as you basically will be writing your own paychecks.

If you have not done so already, and want to join a passive income freelance writer website that has the potential to earn you a serious monthly income, I recommend that you joinInfobarrel.

I would not stop there though, you will want to join a freelance writer website that will pay you up front for your articles. For this, I would recommend anyone toTextbroker.

Doing freelance writing can earn you some serious money, I am living proof. So if you have the passion to write, and are determined to get where you want to be, remember that nothing can stop you from persuing your dreams.