Unwanted body hair is an issue that affects thousands of people all over the world. Luckily there are several different methods that will allow you to remove unwanted body hair. Each method has certain pros and cons and it is important to understand them before selecting the method that is right for you.


Epilating your unwanted body hair has the benefits of both shaving and waxing. The process is very similar to shaving with an electric razor. Instead of blades an epilator has rows of teeth that act like tweezers. When run along the surface of your skin the tweezers pull out the unwanted hair by the roots. Regular use of an epilator can eventually cause the hair to thin out over time.

Modern epilators are far less painful than the original models that debuted a few decades ago. You can expect the epilating process to be unpleasant, but the pain is manageable thanks to waterproof models and special wipes that are designed to prepare the skin.


Shaving is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted body hair. The major drawback of shaving is that it only removes hair for a brief period of time before it grows back. Although shaving can leave your skin feeling smooth, if you have dark hair you may be able to see the roots below the surface of the skin. In some cases shaving can produce nasty razor burn that is unattractive.

There are certain advantages to shaving which still makes this a very popular option for removing unwanted hair. It is pretty inexpensive to purchase a decent razor, although there are plenty of pricey models available. For the most part shaving also doesn't particular hurt. It is possible to knick the skin with a razor and this is less than enjoyable.


Unlike shaving, waxing can remove hair by the root. This means that your unwanted body hair will disappear for up to four weeks in some cases. The cost of waxing can vary quite a bit. You can purchase a do-it-yourself waxing kit for a reasonable price or you can have the unwanted body hair professionally removed at a spa. The latter option is significantly more expensive.

Many people prefer to have unwanted body hair removed professionally simply because this can be a messy procedure. If not done correctly skin can actually be removed along with the wax which may cause scarring. Waxing can be painful even when done properly.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is often one of the more expensive ways to remove unwanted body hair. This process is not suitable for all types of hair and typically works best on coarse hair that is dark in color. Multiple sessions are required to lessen the amount of hair that grows back, but this is generally not a permanent solution.


Electrolysis uses an electrical impulse to damage the roots of unwanted body hair. A probe is actually inserted into the follicle in order to achieve the best results. If you want to permanently remove your unwanted hair electrolysis is a good option to consider. You can plan on receiving treatments for approximately 2 years before the hair is gone for good. Certain types of hair may require longer treatment plans.