Wedding bands are elegant and majestic. They are not ordinary jewelry items. They have a lot more significance in the union of two souls. Wedding rings and engagement rings convey a great sense of love and commitment in the new relation. Exchanging wedding rings during a marriage ceremony is not a new thing. This concept is in practice right from the early centuries. While the ancient people used plain models of wedding jewelry, the modern jewelry industry has a revolutionary change in the creation and designing of jewelry and wedding bands in particular. Today, you can find thousands of unique models and designs of each jewelry category. Here are few popular models of wedding rings categorized by metals and styles.

Wedding bands categorized by metals

While wedding rings are in great demand, jewelers have come up with innovative and trendy models of these items. Gold is inevitably the most popular metal used in the creation of every kind of jewelry. However, with changing trends, there are other metals which are equally popular. Platinum, sterling silver and titanium are other popular metals used in the creation of fabulous wedding bands. While yellow gold is the regular metal, there are other flavors of gold like white gold and rose gold which are equally popular with wedding jewelry. Especially, white gold wedding bands are increasingly being purchased in recent times as they offer an elegant shine and charm equal to platinum while being affordable by most people.

Wedding bands categorized by styles

Wedding rings are again categorized by styles. There are hundreds of styles available in the market making these bands stylish and trendy. Personalization of jewelry is the latest trend in the fashion circles. There are designs specifically created for men and women. For women, floral patterns offer a unique charm and beauty. Braided and paisley designs have a unique charm of their own. Celtic art is another important category which steals the hearts of women.

For men, hammered wedding bands lead the limelight. They are rustic and give a rugged look to your personality. In addition, vintage and antique models look well on mens fingers. With personalization of jewelry on the rise, Christian wedding rings are increasingly sold in recent times. You can either have a cross or engrave a good bible verse on these wedding bands. If you are a romantic person, you can engrave a good romantic phrase or the name of your partner. Looking at these wedding ornaments in times of depression and sorrow can surely light up your mood.