Luxury trains are seen with mystique and admiration throughout the world. Different from the usual modes of travelling, these special railways bring out the selective experience in the most stylish way. Out of many iconic luxury trains in the world, five belong to India. This remarkable number defines the association of lavishness with this country.

Historically, India is renowned worldwide as the land of kings. These kings expressed their power and influence through the exclusivity. Also, they possessed lavishness of all kinds with all their riches. Exclusive lifestyle was a norm for them or necessity or both. In simple words, they couldn’t live without luxury. It can also be said that they existed with indulgence or indulgence in India existed with these extravagant kings.

They ruled not only the people, but their heart too, which is why they earned loyal Khidmatgars and their dedicated services. Always present at the service of their master, these faithful servants with their services made sure that nothing was compromised for their master. For their master was everything to them.

The luxury trains of India exclusively borrow that same concept of exemplary service from the legendary hospitality of Khidmatgars. Each splendid train here has special troop of attendants to address the expectations of the travelling passengers. Right from the moment of boarding the dream journey, the passengers receive the ardent service of the attendants. For they know, the passengers on their first rendezvous of the heavily embellished trains will be totally in awe for the awe-inspiring interiors. They offer porting assistance to the guests and introduce them to their respective suites.

Soon, they start their preparations for serving the welcome dinner to the guests in the opulently designed restaurants. There also, their service stands out when they serve the elegantly garnished dishes dished out in the finest crockery and cutlery. Here, the passengers enjoy the piping hot chef cooked specials on-board and treat their taste buds with another quintessentially Indian experience.

The attendants here work 24 x 7 and anytime the guests can call them, even during midnight hours and they will be readily available to help you. It is just a part of their committed job. These staffers work all day and night to make sure the guests experience the best luxury on board. They define the unsurpassable standards of indulgent with their devoted service.

In morning, they bring the morning tea and breakfast to the suites. Also, they inform the guests of the schedule for the day ahead so that they get ready and disembark the train in time.

When the guests are out of the train for excursions, these attendants work doesn’t end. Instead, they gear up to finish the back-end jobs and do every possible effort to retain the royal trains to its ultimate glory. The staffers work like genies and maintain the royal ambiance of the splendid coaches with their service. They fold down the beds, wash and deliver clean laundry, and bring back the freshness to the interiors through vacuum cleaning. Also, they leave behind the welcome gifts like chocolates or flowers to welcome back the passengers to their suites.

Upon returning from the outings, the intuitive attendants serve guests with fresh juice and cocktails as refreshment. The greeting continues when they offer damp cloths for wiping the faces and cleaning the dust.

Many passengers in the past have marvelled at their hospitable service and feel very difficult to come to terms with their usual life without attendants in their home country. Such is the high standard of service that makes every passenger feel wow every moment.