Anyone who has attended an interview in their lifetime knows that there are a multitude of difficult interview questions that can be asked. Its only natural that most people have areas of strengths and weaknesses and the interviewer is usually trying to find the interviewees areas of vulnerability. Most interviewers have their favorite difficult interview questions in order to bring out the best and worst in people. Unless you go to the meeting well prepared you will almost definitely present yourself poorly and your distinct lack of preparation will be blatantly obvious to the person giving the interview.

Bare in mind that the interview office is not an examination room, it may however feel like that because similar to an exam you are most definitely going to have difficult questions to answer.

Don’t try to give text book answers to every question. You make think you have the perfect answer but try to avoid giving the same generic answer that the last ten candidates before you have given.

Try and be a little different in order to stand out and be noticed but be careful as you do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself, the person giving the interview is looking for someone who is going to be an asset to the company. He or she is about to invest money in the successful candidate by way of salary and maybe even training so they need to be sure they make the right decision, it's your job to influence their decision.

If possible it is important to try to stop the interviewer getting too much control during the interview. By this I mean try not to let the interviewer constantly fire questions at you. You can prevent this by asking your own questions as part of your answers. Try not to let any pattern develop though. In order to increase the chances of your interview success you need to  feel comfortable and sitting having difficult interview questions fired at you constantly is anything but a comfortable situation.

Try asking yourself the following questions,

“What answers would I want to hear if I was giving the interview?”
“What strengths of mine can I display?”

No matter how hard they may be you will need to answer all the questions that are asked whether you think that the questions are necessary or not. Even if you may think that they aren't relevant to the position of which you are applying.

Difficult interview questions will inevitably come up, however if you do your research in the company and the particular type of job you are applying for the difficult ones will be far less frequent. For some example question and answers why don't you take a look at my article Top Ten Difficult Interview Questions.