It Is Hard To Save Money

Let's face it, saving money is not easy. I was just at the gas pump yesterday and it cost me almost $3.50 a gallon. I know I am probably on the low end as well. The gas is rising so fast that I can't keep up.  How are we expected to save money with prices that high?

I can't say for sure if that is going to really happen, but I can say that the $4 mark has been reached and who knows where it will stop.

With gas alone breaking the bank, saving money is just plain hard! Don't let anyone convince you that it is not. Many people claim that saving is so easy and anyone can naturally do it. They make it sound like we popped out as baby's with checking books and calculators in our hands. It just isn't the case and don't get your self in a tiff about it.

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Getting Down To It

Everyone needs some help when it comes to finance. The richest people in the world have personal finance advisers. If they are successful, they are successful because they have help.

Don't feel bad looking for help when it comes to savings. Everyone needs it. And today, saving on a tight budget is hard.

Here are some tips that you can use to dig deep when saving. It wont be easy, especially today, but these little tips will help. And a quick reminder; Don't let the amount of what you are saving discourage you. If you can only save a little bit, like a few cents here and there, you are still saving.

If you need some help learning about Cash Flow, check out Understanding Cashflow 101: Where To Begin. This is a great article about how cash flows in and out of your account.

Car Savings Account

And what's more important is the act of saving. One day you will be able to save more, but it is the habit that we are after.

Go out to the Dollar Store and purchase a little cup with a lid or even a little piggy bank and stick it in your car. Keep this with you when you travel. It will act as your personal traveling savings account.

I have found that if I don't put the money somewhere other than my wallet or pocket, I will spend it. Human nature takes over and that green stuff just gets to you.

However, this is a way to make sure savings is always on your mind and the money you put away has a specific place that you know is for savings only. You can also customize this to make it more you. It really does make a difference mentally because you feel more apart of the process of saving and not just a second wheel that some blog told you to do.

Gas Pump

For those of you who use cash at the gas pump, when you pay the cashier and then get your change back, take the loose change and put it into your car savings account.

When I am counting my money, I never count my change. I would venture to say that not many of us count our change these days. The reason is we don't see the loose change as a viable means of transporting large sums of money so it becomes a bother to us.

Check out Want To Be Rich? Grab Your Piggy Bank to better understand how to use a piggy bank.

 However, if your loose change accumulates into a lot of loose change, it can add up to be a lot of money.

This is why we want to take that change and put it into our bank account. After awhile, it will add up to equal a lot of money.

Fast Food

Another great place to add change to your traveling car savings account is the drive through at your local fast food restaurant.

All of us eat at fast food restaurants now and then and we often use cash to pay for the food. When I get the change back from the person at the window, I take that money and put it into my wallet or pocket and dump the loose change in my car cup holder or the middle console.

Either way, I am just dumping it and not using the loose change for anything.

Instead of dumping that change somewhere that you will never see it again, put it in your traveling car savings account. It really is super easy to save a lot of money this way.

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I love shopping at the mall. Sometimes I like to just walk around the mall also. It is fun looking at all the products and there is good exercise.

When shopping at the mall, you may buy something with cash. When you get that change, you put the loose change in your pocket or your purse when you are done with the transaction.

Why not put that money in the saving money account in your car.

When you get back from your shopping, take a moment to take the change out of your pocket or purse and put it into the car savings account. You will be surprised at how fast the money ads up.

It's Time To Make A Deposit

Sooner then later you will have to empty out your portable money savings account. I think that the best time to do this is every 3 days.

If you make a deposit every 3 days, you will have a decent amount of change built up and should be able to put a couple of dollars into your savings account.

Remember, don't worry about how much you are putting in there, just make sure you put every last penny you have in that account and it will ad up.

There may be a time when you don't have enough change in your opinion to deposit it into the savings account.

Don't let that discourage you. Saving money is all about the habit, not about the amount you put away. Another quick tip, don't worry about the people at the front giving you a weird look. You are doing something for you and your family. Who cares what they think.

No one will have a problem with what you are doing, they will take the money even if it is a penny, but just remember to be polite.

Also, you need to roll your coins if you end up with a lot of one denomination when you go into the bank. The bank does have coin wrappers and they will give them to you for free. All you have to do to get them is ask.

 What ever you do, don't go longer than 3 days to deposit into your savings account. If you wait, you will forget what you were trying to do and then get discouraged.

There are those occasions when the weekend comes and you cannot go inside to deposit your change. That is okay. If this happens, just wait till the bank opens on Monday and do it then.

Just deposit that money no matter what. And this is a good time to go over personal finance for your teens at home.

Hope This Helped

I hope that this will help you get started on saving money even now. Don't forget to really dig deep when you are doing this and don't give up!

- Cheers!