Digg Your Way To More Traffic For Your Online Content

It's a great feeling when you've spent some quality time with pen and paper (or keyboard and screen), done the required research and attained the short term goal of a freshly produce article, ready for submission. It's an even better one when many people are reading your masterpiece and its earning you a nice flow of Adsense revenue on an Adsense revenue sharing site such as Info Barrel. But how do you get to the point where your article is generating enough hits to make it an online success? The key to this is by doing more than just submitting your articles, but promoting them as well. By just submitting your article to the Adsense revenue sharing site that you use, it can take weeks to get your newest creation listed by the most important search engines and circulating the world of the internet. And submitting each article to each search engine can be a just as big a waste of time. This is where social bookmarking sites come in. By listing your site on a good social bookmarking site – you will be placing your article in the firing line of the search engine bots – which means a quick listing for your work, and a shorter wait to pay day.

There are many social bookmarking sites out there, but in order to focus on creating content rather than spending all day listing your newest article on every site you can find, it may be better to choose one reliable social bookmarking site, and to combine this submission with other promotion methods that will bring you more hits and earn you additional streams of income. Which one to use? The one that shines the brightest - Digg.

Digg is arguably the most popular social bookmarking site out there. Like other similar sites – you see something online that you like (be it a website, a blog or your own article), you provide a link to it, if people like what they see they click on it (or "Digg" it) and it gains more exposure. Also, the Digg community can discuss each submission – which can create more of a buzz for your content. Why is Digg better than the rest? Not only does Digg have millions of viewers (if many people like your content and it Diggs its way to the home page you can expect massive increases in hits for your article) – it's also frequently visited by Google bots (and others) to ensure quick and easy search engine submission.

As stated before, it's best to keep things simple and use Digg in combination with other promotion methods – such as is done in the 5 Site Method. The more time you feel that you have to promote each article that you write, the more you can do – but whatever your system of promotion happens to be – it's essential that Digg forms part of it.