The Digihome LED16913HD from Digihome is very low cost 16-inch widescreen television. Available for around £90 or $130, this set is suitable for use in the second TV in kitchens, bedrooms or studies. In this article we are going to take a look at the Digihome LED16913HD, see whether you should buy one, where you can get one from and what you might want to use it for.

If you wish to see the product page at Amazon this product, you can reach it here. I think it's always useful to look at the website especially the comments as it can give you a true idea of the product. What I would say is that people only complain when something goes wrong; so do expect a slight skew on ratings and comments.

Key features of the Digihome LED16913HD

The key features of the Digihome LED16913HD are:

  • 16-inch widescreen display
  • Free view capabilities
  • Low power usage
  • USB port
  • Slim design
  • HDMI ports

Picture quality

The Digihome LED16913HD is not a very expensive TV set. The good news is that it can still give a relatively decent image because of its small screen size. This TV is HD, but uses a 720 p rather than 1080 resolution which isn't noticeable on such a small screen. This set is LED backlit which means the backlight doesn't have a warming up time. The viewing angles on this TV aren't as large as they could be, but the set is so small it can be angled towards the viewer.

Sound quality

This television is a value set. The simple fact is that some compromises have to be made. Sound on this set isn't brilliant, but you can plug it in to an external speaker system, such as a cheap PC speaker set, to boost volume and sound quality. It should be fine for use in a kitchen or bedroom, especially as you probably wouldn't be using this TV to watch a lot of movies and films on.

Other features

The other features on the Digihome LED16913HD include a HDMI port that allows you to plug-in games consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players into the device. It also has a VGA PC input which allows the set to double as a monitor–an especially useful feature if this set has been bought for use in a student’s bedroom. With the PC input you can hook up your laptop to it to have a second screen. It also has a USB drive allowing you to watch digital movies, which is useful selling point in favor of this product. You will have to watch which formats you use, as not all formats are supported.


  • Low-cost
  • Compact size
  • Freeview integration
  • LED backlit
  • USB input
  • PC/HDMI inputs
  • Low energy usage


  • Limited viewing angles
  • Small speakers
  • Limited tilt and other adjustments

Should you buy the Digihome LED16913HD 16-inch TV?

This TV set is low cost and provide excellent value for money. I would recommend you be buying this television for student rooms, children's playroom's and bedrooms, kitchen's and other rooms where you need a small compact television. I wouldn't recommend this for use as your primary TV set because of poor viewing angles and the small screen size–but I think most people buying this TV set would be buying it because of its compact size.

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