Digital Bank Roll: Your guide to increasing site hits, and becoming one of the most popular websites on the internet

When trying to increase site hits, making your page among the most popular websites on the internet, or earning a living through passive income, there should be no cap on what you are willing to do to achieve this. With Digital Bankroll, Matthew Neer has finally found the formula for making any page one of the most popular websites on the internet and increasing site hits by a huge portion.

So many different websites out there try coaxing you into buying this or buying that, promising 1,000$ a day in ads revenue over night. What i like about Matts approach is that he didnt promise me any lavish out of this world figures. When i read this ebook, it was him sitting down telling me the facts; what works, what doesn't work, with proven methods of delivering great SEO and money making tips to your site, whatever it may be.

Digital Bankroll

Digital Bankroll was written so that anybody can open it up and apply the knowledge thats within. Whether your a newbie who is in the midst of writing your first blog, or the seasoned veteran already earning a few thousand a month with affiliate programs. This eBook breaks boundaries, and uses a clean simple language that everyone can understand. The eBook gives you 7 Chapters with 66 pages. With his step by step approach, even the newbie marketer who started yesterday will be able to use this information and translate it into great SEO for increasing their site hits and making money online.

A week ago, i had literally never heard of internet marketing, or passive income, but 3 days after reading Matt's book, for the first time i saw my GoogleAdSense account show a number on it besides 0 :P

AdSense Money (37355)

This may not seem like alot, but a week ago it was 0$ and it was never going to be more than 0$. So to know that after 3 days of reading this I was able to already see this in my account, I knew i had struck gold. Sky's the limit, but you have to start on the ground. Heres the free video where he explains what he is doing, so check it out.