Many people are confused on what type of digital camera memory card that they should buy. They are not to blame as there are so many types of cards on the market today that it can be overwhelming choosing the right card. These days, memory cards can be used for multiple purposes such as portable storage for printing options at Kinkos. Let's say you really need to print something, all you would have to do is insert your card into the memory card reader, download the file, and go to Kinkos. You hand over the tiny thumbed size card over to the Kinko's employee and they can insert the card into their copier. Voila! This is very fast and easy and does not require that you handle CD or DVD discs in order to store stuff. You can also store video game files and data files on these devices. If you are a top secret employee, these memory cards come in handy as the size of these things can easily be stored in bodily orifices.

Besides these creative examples of what SD cards can be used for, you can also use them for digital cameras and you will be able to purchase a cheap one if you go to websites such as Remember that storage is very important and that the more GB the card has, the more it will cost you. However, I like to play for convenience and would pay more for a card with more storage as I do not have to upload files as much or change cards during important situations. If you have a HD Digital Camcorder, you will probably purchase one with a lot of internal memory, however, there are times when you need to above and beyond your 60 GB internal memory space and needed additional storage. In this case, you can insert your memory card and continue to record video while storing space on your memory stick. Remember, bigger isn't always better and it depends on what type of photographer you are. If you are just a point and shoot kind of person, then you won't need a massive amount of storage on your memory card. However, these days, memory cards are so cheap that you can find a great deal on an 8GB card and won't need to buy another card for a very long time. Also if you decide to purchase one card, then you won't have to carry extra digital camera memory cards with you when you go out.