Tripods are regarded as one of the most vital piece of camera equipment used by photographers. A ball head tripod provides a stable platform, allowing high-quality cameras and lenses to create clear, sharp and high-resolution images. A ball head tripod enables for fast and sure positioning; you can easily make adjustments using your bare hands or with gloves.

They are available in various sizes, ranging from small to large. You can get one which stands incredibly high, or a small one which sits low to the ground, but it will depend on how you will use it for your craft.

Ball Head Tripod – An Introduction

Whenever you use your camera or mini video camera to shoot something, it needs to be aligned in the precise position you would like – repeatedly, easily, accurately and with precision, and this can be a difficult task. This is where a ball head tripod comes into picture. It is specially designed to keep the camera in a steady angle, or enable smooth motion by way of a fluid arc. There will always be a specific ball head tripod that will fit your preference and needs.

A ball head tripod provides a great deal of convenience for hikers since its strength to weight ratio is higher and its protruding levers are fewer, so the chance of it hooking onto branches is slim to none. Arca-Swiss has switched to Z1 monoball (from B1). Their brand-new Arca-Swiss Z1's flip lever model is a bit lighter compared to their classic clamp version. A number of users' complaint is that whenever they rotate the smaller and lower panning knob in some tripod bases, it crimps their fingers. As a result, a lever took the place of the knob.

A ball head tripod comes in various sizes and shapes, all specifically designed to support various camera types. Similar to a standard tripod, it is rated by how much weight it can carry. The rated weight it can support, its adjustable tension control, ball diameter, height (the lower, the better) and multiple secure contact points to the ball are the features you should search for in a ball head tripod. You would know how sturdy the ball head tripod is by how secure the device and how large the ball head are. You could leave out a panning base for less amount of weight by panning with the ball, but a panning base is needed if you will be panning while the camera is positioned at a 90° angle.

Ball Head Tripod Reviews

Burzynski Ball Heads. The Burzynski ball head tripod is distinctive that it changed the Gitzo 1548 and 1325's top plate with an adapter so that the head can be firmly incorporated with the tripod. 75mm is the head's profile, which is extremely low, but sadly, the Acra clamp isn't incorporated with the head.

The primary advantages are its low profile, tripod integration, smooth locking, locks into place without any frame changes, and can support extremely bulky cameras. Some heads would adjust the frame a little bit whenever the ball is locked. The disadvantage is that the Burzynski ball head tripod can only be adjusted at +/- 45° angles.

Acratech Ball Heads. Well-known for their Ultimate ball head tripod, the California-based manufacturer has released a variation of the model – the V2 ball head, which only weighs 0.45 kg (with a 38mm ball). The Acratech V2 can carry cameras weighing over 25 lbs. Scott Dordick, president of Acratech, is not only an avid photographer, but also a machinist, and has brought forth some great innovations to ball heads.

Feisol Ball Heads. They have brought the functionality of the ball head tripod into a whole new level, and any professional and aficionado can attest to that. Photographers, as well as videographers can adjust the angle of the camera to frame the best possible scene effortlessly and quickly by enabling the camera's free-flow movement via the rotating axes.

Every ball head tripod made by Feisol is designed to precision with CNC machines (computer-controlled) to guarantee the designs are perfect so that users would be able to experience perfection when shooting a subject. Feisol ball head tripods have the most up-to-date design and manufacturing technology to give consumers the best camera equipment possible.

Arca-Swiss Ball Heads. They have, for a number of years, set the standards when it comes to quality and performance in the ball head tripod. They have replaced the B1 model with the new Z1 ball head tripod, delivering the same functionality, but smaller in terms of size and at an affordable price.

Markins Ball Heads. They have an innovative, patented ball head tripod which has bi-axial locking mechanism, allowing it to be lighter and smaller in size, but can carry additional weight. As a matter of fact, it has an 80 to 1 (weight to load) ratio. This means that the Markins ball head would be able to support more than 80 times its own weight.

The M10/20 utilizes Arca-Swiss' industry-standard dove-tail plates model. Therefore, you would not have difficulties looking for additional plates for it.

Linhof Ball Heads. They are famous for their excellent fabrication and durability, and this is what Profi II has to offer. It features a completely adjustable ball tension, a panoramic base and a reversible top. The Profi II has a 107mm (h) and 63 (w) measurements, weighs only 540 grams, and can securely support up to 8 kg. of camera and lens combination.

Giottos Ball Heads. They are designed so you can position your camera quickly and with ease. You can control all three axes movements using only one locking knob, and the ball head tripod features a fast release plate mechanism which can hold up to 6 kilograms. You can level, pan and tilt the camera with one fluid motion when it is unlocked.

In summary, a ball head tripod allows both photographers and videographers alike the capability to make high-quality shots by getting rid of any movement in their camera while the image is being taken. In closing I will wonder if you have one of these and if not - why not? You can always choose the best ball head tripod easily by checking the Amazon bestsellers selection in camera tripods.