Digital cameras are cameras using digital film to capture images. They give the user the ability to see images in an instant after clicking and also the unique feature of editing, deleting, magnifying or diminishing an image at the very moment of clicking the picture. By eliminating the need of the standard silver film, these cameras have made clicking and viewing, storing and developing any picture so much simpler and so much convenient as well.

Most digital cameras do not come with viewfinders nowadays because they cost more to produce and use up room which could be better utilized for a bigger screen. However, there are still some available.

Before one buys a digital camera with a viewfinder, there are certain things one must look at. First of all, even before going to the market to research, one must be able to identify the need for the camera. One must be able to say what major purpose the camera has to fulfill. For regular clicking, for professional and for those with other specific purposes, there are endless digital cameras to choose from.

Before heading to the market, another major factor to look at is money. The amount of money that is available will decide along with the requirements, what actually is available.

With the digital camera are also needed its substitute but equally important tools. these include a computer to connect the camera to, a powerful printer, editing software, ink and paper for printing, memory cards etc.these tools may vary with the type of usage but surely would increase the budjet a little if not too much.

The various feature of a digital camera a buyer must look for are:

1. Resolution - this is the property that says about the quality of the image that can be taken with the camera. It is determined with the help of the number of pixels. The more the pixels, higher is the resolution.

2. Built in memory - Digital cameras with viewfinders make use of internal and external memory to store the images it captures. the internal memory is of course a must have for cameras but one should also look for memory card slots in the cameras so that the memory can be increased as per will of the camera.

3. Feel of the camera - it is important that one is comfortable with the digital camera and viewfinder usage. It's always advised to check this aspect by holding the camera and using it. To effectively use the viewfinder, the buttons should be adequately spaced etc.

4. Battery life - digital cameras use considerable battery in its operation and so the battery life of the camera is very important. Because batteries are not that cheap it is advised to look for lithium ion or other chargeable batteries in the cameras than regular AA ones.

5. LCD - one of the most appealing features of a camera is the screen. It is that component of the digital camera that lets one see the image after one has clicked it. It should be large enough to be able to see the images properly and small enough to not consume a lot of power.

6. Zooming - one of the most important feature nowadays is the zooming feature. The concept of pixels also only comes into play when one has to zoom in a picture and view it. A diopter lens on the digital camera's viewfinder will be helpful in capturing far off objects better. Other tools include the tripod stand, remote control etc.

The top selling and most popular digital cameras nowadays are the Canon EOS 20S digital SLR, Nikon D200, Nikon D90, Canon ESO &D SLR among others.