More and more digital cameras are hitting the shops each week, with each new model having must have features. Most of these newer cameras will probably set you back a few hundred dollars. But, buying a camera for this amount of money just isn't an option for lots of people. A large percentage of buyers want to buy digital cameras for under 100 dollars and in today's world were high quality electronic good just keep getting cheaper they can certainly do it.

Here is a list of three high quality digital cameras that will cost you less than 100 dollars.

Digital Cameras Under 100 DollarsNumber one on our list is the Kodak EasyShare C180, this camera comes in four different colors these colors being Blue, Red, Sliver and Teal. Create amazing high quality prints up to 30 inches x 40 inches with its 10.2 mega pixel resolution. The camera has a 3x optical zoom lens which allows you to capture crisper shots and get closer to the subject without losing picture quality. There is also a 5x digital zoom to enlarge your pictures even further. The camera also allows you to capture stunning high quality HD pictures in 16:9 format, which you can view on your high definition devices such as an HDTV.

The Kodak EasyShare C180 is jam packed with so many different features. There is a face detection feature, that automatically detects peoples faces and automatically adjusts the cameras settings to suit. There is a blur reduction feature, which reduces blur should there be any sudden shake or movement as you are taking a shot. There is also an on camera slideshow feature were you can quickly view all your shots on the camera's 2.4 inch color display. The camera has an inbuilt 16mb internal memory, but you can quickly increase this by inserting an SD card into the expansion slot. When you buy the camera, you will receive the camera, batteries, USB cable, user software, wrist strap and the user guide to quickly get you started to taking wonderful shots.

cheap camera under 100The second digital camera under 100 dollars on our list is this Polaroid t1031. This camera comes in orange & titanium and is so sleek and compact. It has a 10 megapixel resolution with a 3 inch LCD screen for previewing your photos as you are shooting. It has a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom and 32MB built in storage to get you started. You can also take video clips with audio sound on the camera should you need to. Some of the features of the Polaroid t1031 include anti shake image stabilization, face tracking, blink and smile detection and panoramic stitching. The camera also has a burst mode which allows you to take continuous 1 shot per second pictures, to ensure that you never miss that perfect shot. It is SD / SDHC compatible so that you can quickly increase the camera's memory. Included in the box when you buy the camera. Is the camera, li-ion rechargeable battery, USB cable, wrist strap and user software.

bargain digital camerasThe third digital camera under 100 dollars that we are going to look at is the Olympus FE-46. This camera has a 12 megapixel resolution which will produce stunning shots up to 20 x 30 inches. It has a 2.7 inch LCD screen and a 5x optical zoom. Just some of the features of this fantastic Olympus camera are. AF tracking technology which allows you to lock in the focus on the subject even if they are moving. There is also a pet mode, which is a fantastic feature for animal lovers who like to take lots of wildlife and animal shots. The camera also as a Magic Filters feature which includes Pop Art mode. This allows you to saturate and enhance colors to product 1960's pop art style pictures. There is also a wedding mode which allows you to create gentle pastels colors in the background which gives you that soft and elegant look to the shot. The camera also allows you to edit images on the camera, such as lighting fix, red eye fix and cropping and resizing. When you buy the camera you will receive the camera, batteries, audio / video cable, USB cable, wrist strap user manual and software and a warranty card.