Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder


This micro digital camcorder has a lot of wonderful and amazing features that you need especially if you love taking videos and pictures. The Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder has an easy option whether you choose to take photos or videos and among other things that other very small gadgets are not capable of doing. If you want to see your loved ones online, it has a built-in function of a webcam, which you can conveniently use for video conferencing if you have a PC and an internet connection. The supported battery is AAA and it will last a bit longer compared to other digital camcorders possibly due to the size (micro).


You need to download your recent videos and photos in your computer as often as possible because the data that you have will be lost when the battery runs low. After a few minutes of the camcorder being turned on (possibly between 1-2), the screen just automatically turns off. It probably saves your battery so if you're not fast enough in deciding on the next thing you'll want to do, like recording or taking photos, it will just turn off automatically.

Full Review

Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder

I decided to get this Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder as a gift for my nephew. He really liked it a lot especially with the design and portabillity.

It's a very cute gadget but truly important especially if you enjoy taking photos and videos. The added features are so cool because you can easily view the calendar and alarm clock display, record your voice or music through the built in speaker and microphone.

You can see your friends and family via the digital camera video and PC web online. I love editing the videos and pictures using the "Snap N Share" software that was included in the package since it has clear instructions. The LCD screen is clear.

If you love writing online or have a YouTube or Facebook account, this gadget is impressive because it's so lightweight and it can go easily with your netbook to download videos and photos at the press of a button. The camcorder can also be used as a digital camera and takes picture in clear resolution.

Once you're done with a video shoot, you can edit the video on your computer. You can just simply plug in the video to your USB port for a quick and easy download to your PC. The system requirements for your computer connection is MS Windows XP , MS Windows 2000 or MS Windows Vista.

This little gadget will give you a signal if you attempt to take a photo when the memory is full because the camera will just beep continuously. The Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder comes with a clear and color preview screen.

I was just so amazed when I received this micro digital camcorder because it can really take videos and to think that it's very small when you place it on the palm of your hand. If you're a person who loves small gadgets, this is a must because it has multiple functions especially when you travel.

In Closing

I got the Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Micro Digital Camcorder through a good deal and I always keep it inside my purse. It's very useful especially when you visit other places since it only measures 3.8 in length and truly light in terms of weight.

The carrying strap that comes with the micro digital camcorder is a plus. It has few and easy to operate buttons. If I can see this little gadget on sale again, I will definitely purchase it.