What are Digital Cordless Phones?

The digital cordless phone is a portable or wireless communications device that operates on Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology. The DECT technology was created in Europe, where it is the current universal standard, to improve the clarity of wireless communications by replacing earlier models of the cordless phone systems using 900MHZ Cordless Technology 1.

What is the difference between a cordless phone and digital cordless phone?

A cordless phone or portable telephone is a telephone with a wireless handset that communicates via airwaves to a base station that is connected to a fixed telephone line. The first cordless phones use an analogy signal which alternates frequency to the carrier's base and is modified in order to add information to the signal. These cordless phones usually work well within a limited range of the base station which houses the handset cradle. The base station requires electricity and the handset operates on a rechargeable battery. Sound clarity is compromised when the phone is out of range of the base. The distance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, however in excess of 900 feet usually results in very poor communications quality.

The DECT technology is the digital communications standard created in Europe and adopted in Australia, most countries in Asia and South America that is geared to improve quality, distance of range and accessibility of digital communication devices. The implementation of the standard in North America was delayed by the United States due to radio frequency regulations. Due to regulations issue, this called for a forced development of a variation of the DECT technology called the DECT 6.0 which uses a slightly different frequency. The technology is very similar to the DECT; however the frequency difference makes the technology virtually inoperable with otherwise compatible systems in other areas. The digital phones continue to connect to a handset and are capable of operating with clearer connectivity and longer range than the standard cordless phone as well as the option to connect multiple devices to the base station.

The Use of Digital Cordless Phones

There are many uses for digital cordless phones. A variety of DECT phones will allow you to have multiple handsets for uses in different areas of the use. Some models include a walkie-talkie feature so that members of the household are able to communicate with each other from different rooms. Other models of DECT phones have built-in digital answering machines that negate the need for separate equipment to be attached to the telephone.

Digital cordless phones are great for home or small businesses. The DECT technology can be used for PBX systems for medium and large companies and has the ability to be utilized with Voice applications such as baby monitors.

Brands of Digital Cordless Phones

There are various manufacturers of the digital cordless phones especially since popularity has spread throughout North America. A few of the companies that produce and sell digital cordless telephones are:

  • Panasonic
  • Uniden
  • VTech
  • Siemens
  • RCA

The Panasonic DECT 6.0 Series Dual Handset Cordless Phone System with Digital Answering Machine features: DECT 6.0 technology for less interference, 16-minute all-digital answering system, wireless network friendly, light-up indicator with ringer/message alert and a total of two handsets; one base and one charger included.

The Uniden DECT 1580-4 offers a silver cordless digital phone system with digital answering machine and 4 handsets. This unit features a cordless phone and answering system with DECT technology for excellent reception and static-free sound , 1.9 GHz range for interference-free transmissions, 70 phone book locations, unique ringers for specific calling parties, answering machine that uses microchip technology for clearer recordings and longer life, one year limited warranty and comes with three extra handsets and chargers/cradles.

Where to purchase Digital Cordless phones?

Digital cordless phones are quite common these days and can be purchased locally at retail stores or online. These items are commonly found in department and electronic stores such as Sears, Macys, Wal-Mart or Target. Online retailers such as Amazon, Vtechphones and Panasonic generally carry a wide range of models.

Online auctions and other trading forums provide excellent opportunities to acquire this type of technology at extremely affordable prices.

The Cost of Digital Cordless Phones

The cost of digital cordless phones range from extremely economical models priced for home use to high-end feature-enhanced models geared for business. The cost will fluctuate depending on whether a phone is sold with a singular handset or has multiple handsets. Some phones are sold with one or two handsets, but are expandable and additional handsets can be purchased separately and added to the units.

The Panasonic manufacturer offers many home models with one cordless handset starting as low as $29.99 with integrated answering machine. The higher end 2.4 GHZ model with integrated answering machine and speaking caller id averages nearly $100. Business models with 2 to 4 handsets and digital answering machines can run over $200.

Digital Cordless Phone Accessories

The ability to increase the number of handsets on the cordless digital telephone bases are a huge advantage. Many manufacturers are accessory packages that may range from one add-on handset to as many as four add-on handsets. Uniden is a popular manufacturer of the DECT phones and offers several models of accessory handsets. They even feature a very stylish and colorful waterproof unit, the orange and black Uniden DECT 6.0 that is compatible with the DECT 1500, DECT 2000 and DECT 3000 series. This unit features waterproof capabilities, handset speakerphone, alphabetical phone search and 70-number address book for an average price of $54.99.

How to Connect a Digital Cordless Phone

The digital cordless phone connection is virtually the same as any cordless phone. The base has input to connect a standard fixed telephone line and will have an outlet to connect a power adapter that requires the presence of electricity to future. Additional inputs may be available for the addition of an external answering machine or additional handsets.

Benefits of Digital Cordless Phones

  • DECT technology provides crystal clear sound and reception
  • 2.4GHZ allows for clearer reception at longer ranges
  • Wireless capabilities enable freedom of movement to various locations
  • Ability to connect multiple handsets to one base station
  • Integrated digital answering machines are a common feature
  • Walkie-talkie capabilities are a common feature
  • Low end models are attractively priced and extremely affordable
  • Excellent for home or small business operations