What are Digital Photograph Frames?

Digital LED photo frames are very much like your average photo frame, apart from the picture that is featured can change,  basically being a photo slide show (with some even being able to produce video and sound as well).

They are great little addition to the household that have come not to necessarily replace the standard photograph frame (nothing quite beats the look of it) but more to remind you of the photos and videos that you have stored away on your camera or computer that get looked at once in a blue moon. This way it provides you with a light reminder of your memories.

Features to Keep in Mind When Buying Digital Image Frames

The Resolution - This general goes hand in hand with the actual size of the picture frame, but generally speaking the more pixels that are featured in the photo frame the better quality of the picture. Be sure to also checkout the aspect ratio e.g wide screen is 16:9 etc. along with the contrast ratio, how much editorial control do you have over the picture brightness etc.

Video? As mentioned above there are some electronic picture frames that show videos as well as picture slide shows, so if this is a feature you are wanting be sure it states it. It would also be a good idea to check the sound and video quality of these as well. Also make sure you look for the 'HD' sign, if you are looking for video to be shown in high definition. 

The Size - As stated above there is quite a bit of range as to the sizes. The most popular frames appear to be the 7 to 8 inches however, as the image quality tends to be pretty good, not too expensive and not overbearing.

The Storage - How much can your Digital Led Photo frame hold? A rough estimation is that for every GB of memory it can hold around 240 to 260 images. There is also the consideration of the compatibility of memory cards that come from cameras, you want it to be at least compatible with the digital camera you use.

Control - How do you want to control it? By touch or by remote or both? Again this is another thing you should look into.

The Look - At the end of the day you don't want a picture frame that isn't looking right in the household. Another thing regarding the look is the image correction capabilities, some of the LED picture frames have features that sharpen up blurred images. 

This list doesn't even cover all the aspects, but you are likely to place a higher weighting to particular features than others are, so it is really up to you to make sure you understand all the features that you are wanting from your LED photo frame.

Where Can you Buy LED Picture Frames?

There are a whole range of sites online and electronic stores that are stocking digital LED photo frames.

The first site I would go and check however is Amazon as they are have a huge range of these digital picture frames all with pretty detailed customer reviews and you will probably get a better feel as to what are the better and more popular ones (such as the Sony DPF 8inch Digital Photo Frame and the Kodak Easyshare D1025 Digital Picture Frame) and which are the less well received ones.

But if you are still unsure as to which ones really represent the best value for money be sure to conduct a little research into the ones you are interested in by reading reviews around them etc. also I would be sure to check out articles that are comparing them with one another  e.g. 'PC World's top ten Digital photo frames', this aritcle in particular  provides a star rating alongside a review and price.

Then once you have read around the reviews and looked around, it is a good idea to head over to the online auction house of eBay as this is where you are likely to buy it for its cheapest price. However, they might not necessarily have the exact model you are looking for listed and you might feel like you have more control when purchasing the digital photograph frame from a store online.