Free Online Cloud Based Backup for all of your computer files is easy with Digital Life Boat. There are many websites that offer secured cloud based computer back up of your files, but Digital Life Boat seems to be among the easiest and cheapest.

Everyday computers and laptops are damaged, stolen, or destroyed by natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, and tornados. An online backup of your storage files can be easily done, and is a lifesaver. Imagine if your computer crashes, is destroyed, or stolen. All of your treasured pictures on your computer will be gone forever, along with all of your important work documents. You can easily protect yourself from this tragedy that strikes countless people every day.

There are numerous companies that specialize in online backup of your files in a secured environment, but what sets Digital Life Boat apart from their competitors is that you will receive free storage of your files for life, as long as you sign up with them during their Beta period.

Digital Life Boat is currently in Beta phase, and are working out any potential kinks their system and taking feedback from customers. The Digital archiving of all your music, documents, and pictures is free with this service. There is no catch. They simply want your help in testing out their platform to ensure it is stable before they start charging for this service. If you sign up under the Beta you get their basic service free for life.

Typing On LaptopIf your computer is stolen or destroyed you can easily re-download your existing files from Digital Life Boat on to your new computer. Using a service such as this is easy. You simply sign up, set a few parameters, install their software, and then your important files and pictures are securely uploaded to their servers. If and when you need to retrieve this information you can easily do it. As with most companies that specialize in file storage and backup, your documents are encrypted and stored confidentially.

Any computer you sign up with is protected for life by their service for free, as long as you sign up during their beta phase. If you later buy a new computer, you may need to pay a small fee to transfer the documents to your new computer if they are no longer in the Beta Phase.

If you are looking for a cloud based online secured storage of your computer documents then you can use a service such as Carbonite or Digital Life Boat. The major advantage of using Digital Life Boat is that your cost is zero if you sign up during their beta testing phase.

“During our Beta phase, Digital Lifeboat is free to backup and free to restore. When we officially launch, it will still be free to you for as long as you use our software on your PC. That is our way of thanking you for testing our software and giving us feedback.”

The backup service is truly free from DLB as long as you sign up during their extended beta testing.