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What Is A Digital Marketing Degree?

Digital marketing degree programs aim to teach students the practice of digital marketing.  While this sounds very black and white, it isn't.  Digital marketing is not a field that can easily be taught at a university level.  Just understanding theory won't get you anywhere as a digital marketing.  You need to know how to apply the theories of digital marketing and you need to understand why things are done in a certain way.  Digital marketing degrees will give you a deep understand of search engines, how they work and why the pull out the results that are shown.

Digital marketing is a field that constantly changes.  This also makes it hard to teach at a university level because professors and stundents must be able to keep up with the changes.  Luckily, there are a few sources, such as Google themselves, that give out basic information about these changes.  Digital marketers apply their strategies and come to their own conclusions about them.  There are many forums that digital marketers gather in to share their findings, and a well done degree program will teach students how to use these resources.

Digital Marketing Topics

The Overview

There are many strategies and topics covered in a digital marketing degree.  This is a list of the major topics that students will learn about in thier persuit.

  • Keyword Research - This is the process of discovering the exact or broad phrases that are searched for relating to your website.  There are many different keyword tools that pull data from search engines and present it in an easy-to-read format.
  • On-Site Optimization - This technique involves changing aspects directly on your webpage that will help boost your search engine rankings.  These factors include things such as title tags, description tags and keyword density.
  • Off-Site Optimization - This is the idea of linkbuilding.  Link building involves several different strategies that all create links pointing back to your main site or pages on your site.
  • Social Media Marketing - This is the concept of using social platforms, such as Facebook, to increase exposure, traffic and your brand image.  Facebook and Twitter are very powerful tools that can help increase your site's ranking as well.
  • Social Commerce - This is the coming future of digital marketing.  It involves buying and selling directly through social media sites, like Facebook.  When someone makes a purchase, their friends are notified in some way.
  • CPC Campaigns - Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is an advertising method where advertisers are charged only when someone clicks on their ad.  CPC adds are usually placed in search engines or sites related to the ad.  Students will learn how to manage and optimize their campaigns.
  • Viral Marketing - This is the technique of creating content with the intention of it spreading rapidly to many people.  This is very simple to do, but can have powerful results.
  • So much more!  Digital marketing is a huge field and if you are interested in pursuing it, you should really consider a digital marketing degree.

Where to Get Your Digital Marketing Degree

The Best Degree Out There

While all digital marketing degrees teach students the same information, there is one university that stands out.  This school is the University if Michigan - Dearborn.  U of M - Dearborn stands out because of the amazing opportunities for internships.  They strive to provide high quality internships for all students.  U of M - Dearborn doesn't just want to teach the theory and application of digital marketing, they want to make sure that their students are successful at it.  U of M - Dearborn has a long list of companies that want to hire digital marketers as interns.  Because digital marketing can have such a profound effect, many companies will end up hiring these interns to help effectively expand their marketing reach into digital.

While U of M - Dearborn's degree is great and the opportunities are the best, it isn't for everyone.  If you already have marketing experience, but wish to move into digital, try NYU SCPS's certificate in digital marketing.  This certificate is also good if you are looking to finish quickly, as it can be completed in one year.  If you wish to study digital marketing abroad, the best choice for you is IE Business School.  They have a well designed program too that, just like U of M - Dearborn's degree, aims at teaching through experience.  IE requires students to make creative marketing projects for real companies.

Other Resume Builders

For Digital Marketers

A degree in digital marketing will get you far, but there are a few more things you can do that will help you land a job.

  1. Become a Google Certified Adwords Expert.  All you need to do is pass Google's 100+ question test and you can earn this for yourself.  Before you take the test, try familiarizing yourself with Adwords by loading a $100 credit (these can be found by search for adwords credits) and using the interface for yourself.  You should get able to get a decent amount of data for $100 of trial and error.
  2. Keep practicing.  Create some pages on various Web 2.0 sites and rank them in Google.  This way, you can show your potential employers some real life examples of your expertise