Along with hundreds of its benefits the latest digital fervor there are tons of devastating elements and one of them is a social networking addiction. Undoubtedly, social sites are wonderful places to stay in touch with your friends and relatives and your child gets to be a part of various co-curricular activities and inculcate newer hobbies in the company of people with similar likes and passions but getting involved at a maddening level or become unbelievably addicted to it doesn’t do any good. And added to this, these sites are the regular haunts of pedophiles and other cyber criminals who easily target our kids.

How do you know your child is addicted to Social Networking?

All addicts make it visibly clear to the world that they just can’t live without the thing they are addicted to. So do your kids do, they make their hopeless obsession for the social sites quite visible to the world. You’ll find your child always stuck to his cell phone reading those tweets, updates and the likes or keep updating anything and everything on their mind onto their Facebook walls.  He’ll just not leave his cell phone even for a while. Make faces, look irritated, funny, annoyed, happy, sad, tensed, mischievous while gawking at the cell phone or computer screens all the time and if you ask him to come out of the virtual world, he’ll look as if he’s lost some billion dollar treasure!

Why this is Dangerous?

Kids more present on the social sites are less present in the practical lives, which make them dumb founded when you ask them about more important things. Their capability to do various more important things deteriorates and sometimes even the school performance drops badly. Then there comes the more virulent damage that this addiction causes. It is your child’s online safety. He becomes an easy prey to cyber bulling and pedophiles and at times the cyber-criminals even get to reach your child in the real world.

How you’re going to Redeem your Child from this Addiction?

Make your Child Aware of the Potential Danger

Tell your child why being an addict to digital devices and social sites can prove dangerous. They should know that these sites are for recreation and not getting indulged to maddening levels. 

Get Stringent in Setting Rules

Tell your child that the addiction shouldn’t damage his school performance, or term end grades. Handle it stringently, make them understand that getting a seat at the university after school is far more important and if they fail to follow your instructions, just take his cellphone or other digital devices away.

Use Cell phone Parental Control to Monitor your Child’s Online Activities

This is the best and most reliable way to help your child stay away from becoming a networking addict.  First, your parental monitoring software will let you know how much time your child is spending online. Second, it will let you know all the sites he is visiting even if he lies to you or deletes away the web history from the device. Third, you can stop your child’s social networking escapades by simply blocking away those damaging sites from his phone.