Digital Photography

Various topics regarding digital photography.

Digital photography is an ever expanding field. With the advent of digital cameras, traditional film cameras and traditional photography became obsolote, thus making digital photography the norm in today's electronic and computer based society.

Traditional Photography vs. Digitial Photography

In the early 2000s film cameras began their rapid decline towards obsolete-ness. Getting film developed at your local drug store or grocery store became an outdated process. As of 2012 its getting harder and harder to find a place to drop off film to be developed, in fact, the practice is hanging on by a thread. When it comes right down to it, digital photography is a far more effecient and finacially economical process than traditional film photography.

Digital photography saves both time and money and has a plethora of other benefits over film photography. One of the top benefits is flexibility. A person can snap a picture, review it instantenosly and do a "re-take" if he or she isn't totally satisfied. That person can then choose to print said picture, upload it to their computer and keep it to themselves, share it with 1 friend, millions of friends, or any number in between. There also millions of other things a person can do with a picture in a matter of seconds after it was taken, including edit it with photo editing software.


Photo Editing Software

When photo editing software became available to consumers it increased the appeal of having photos available in a digital format. The most popular photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop also known simply as Photoshop. Photoshop is the top selling photo editing software on the market and has been since it was introduced. There are classes that one can take to learn how to use Photoshop software. Classes are available on all skill levels and are taught to school age children, in college classrooms, at adult education instititutions and even via books, webinars and other online settings.

Other popular photo editing software include: Coral Paintshop Pro, Serif PhotoPlus, ACDSee Photo Editor, and Photo Explosion. There are many other digital photo editing softwares on the market but these are the most popular photo editing software besides Photoshop. The main premise of these types of software is that a person can take a regular old photo and edit it until it becomes a piece of artwork. Edits can be simple such as removing a blemish, brightening colors, cropping out unwanted portions, adding text or converting it to black and white. Major edits can include altering the background, adding different elemements such as additonal people, props, etc.  There are so many things that can be done with photo editing software, which is why its so popular amoung digital photography hobbyist of all ages.


Digital Cameras

Just like the digital photography industry, the digital camera market is contiunally expanding. Digital cameras are included on electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers and even mp3 players. In short digital photography is everywhere. There are many makers of digital cameras. Two of the biggest names in the digital camera industry are Kodak and Sony. Both of these companies had a large presence in the traditional film photography industry and both have managed to keep up with the times and stay at the top of their class in the digital camera arena. The price of digital cameras varies greatly. Kodak's Easyshare line of cameras range from under $100 dollars to over $200. Similarly, Sony has cameras priced on the low end and the high end of the pricing spectrum.

Digital Photography Schools

There are several colleges, universities and trade schools that offer courses degrees in photography and digital photography topics. You can choose to take a couple of classes if you are considering a career in digital photography but are undecided or you major in photography if that is the career path you want to take. There are many resources available to find the right digital phototgraphy school for you.

 Digital Photography Jobs

Once you graduate from photography school you might want to enter the enter the field of photography. People that enjoy photography but didn't go to photography school might also an enjoy a career in the digital photography field. If you want to be a free lance or full time photographer you can choose to specialize in one of the many different fields of photography such as wedding photography, culinary photography, photo journalism, magazine photography, fashion photography, architechtural photography, landscape photography, sports photography, club photography. There are many different photography niches that one could make a career in. The key is to find a specialty that you are passionate about.

As a photographer you don't neccessarily have to be behind the camera all of the time. You could become a digital artist and edit photos

Digital photography is a growing industry. Photographic technology is evolving and there are now more options than ever. If you are interested in digital photography feel free to read other articles on the topc.