Evening SunsetDigital cameras have taken the stress out of taking a good or bad photo for the amateur and the professional. These days it is virtually point and click. It cannot be any easier than that. With the new digital cameras you can take several photos and within minutes you can, edit, put on disk or upload onto the Internet for anyone to view.  Or you can even store them on the internet to save space on your home computer.

Phone Cameras

Cameras on most of our phones are not as good quality. Sure these take photos, although I believe that it is so frustrating when someone says look at my wonderful dog, or look at a picture of my grandchild. To be honest, I cannot see the photo very well at all on a camera phone. I agree some phones take better pictures than others, but has anyone else had this problem or is it my age causing this problem?

They are great, for the traveler who wants to send a quick snap home to the family, or to upload to their favorite social network site for everyone to see.  That is the real beauty of a camera in your phone.  They are also terrific to capture that special something that you may not have seen before.



A Grub


Tips for phone use





  • Set the revolution to high before starting.
  • Move in close to object
  • Where possible use a plain background.
  • Do not take photos of  people, without their permision
  • use discretion at all times.

Digital Cameras

Here are a few tips that we have picked up over the years, each camera will vary with their settings

  • When taking pictures of small animals, bend down so that you are on eye level with them.
  • With flowers, (if you, can put the setting on flower) same as animal bend close to flower, or if possible lock the focus.
  • Take high photos by turning camera to vertical upright, so you do not cut heads or tops of buildings off.
  • Instead of centering a person or object, move it to one side and capture part of the landscape.
  • If there is not enough light, use flash or position more lighting where possible.
  • Set your camera to time, allowing enough time for camera person to move into picture or ask someone else if they could take a family picture. You can return the favor for them.
  • Take pictures of people with a backdrop scene, keeping in mind to have the focus on the people. If set on auto, the camera should focus on the people automatically.
  • When taking photos of fish in an aquarium always bend down and take photo upwards to prevent the shine of glass reflecting back through the photo.

Nature Pictures

These would have to offer the best type of photography, when traveling. Capture nature at its best and worst.  Different elements, the storms, sunsets, sunrises overflowing rivers and creeks. Fishing trip photos of that big one that got away, yes you need proof or they will not believe you caught one that big. 

Or you could still cheat by taking the photo and then enlarge it to make it look bigger still.

The best way to learn is to Experiment

coral in tank





To improve the quality of your photography is to spend time experimenting. Everyone needs to experiment with the camera settings.  No matter which camera you buy you should try all the different settings for that particular camera.

One that we like to use is sepia. It makes your pictures look like they were taken in the roaring twenties or your grandparent's day. Which can be fun. You could even dress up in that era of clothing like the photographers do and see how good you are.

Video Cameras

The technology of the video camera has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. You can upload them straight onto the various internet sites like youtube now very easily.

The only thing we do not like with ours is the screen. We prefer to look through the lens, you are more certain of the picture that way. Our new JVC drives me mad, as sometimes we zoom in and forget to put it back.

When videoing as we drive the scene looks good on the camera, but on playback it flies past and you cannot see the scenery at all. That is of course the fault of the camera person for not setting it up correct in the first place.

Save Money when buying Cameras

Do not rush out and buy the camera when it first comes out. Wait a couple of months. Our video camera cost us nearly six hundred dollars a couple of months later they were selling it for three hundred dollars.

A camera just released will not work any better than the same camera bought on special a couple of months later.

Hopefully these digital photography basic tips may help improve and encourage you to get out there and start capturing a few more of those precious moments.  Never leave home without your digital camera as you may miss that incredible photographic shot which captured a memory to last you a lifetime.

How to Transfer photos from computer resize , touch up, and put them back on your camera