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Digital Photography doesn't have to be rocket science. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or take expensive digital photography classes to learn to take great photos. If you are digital photography hobbyist these three easy tips for taking better pictures with your digital camera will have you effortlessly creating great memories of the special moments in your life.

Digital PhotographyCredit: photo by nayukim on Flickr

Get Low

Digital photography is all about getting a good shot. The majority of the pictures that people take are taken with the picture taker being in a standing or upright position. This leaves very little variation in your digital photography portfolio. To change things up a bit, try bending, stooping, sitting or slumping to get a more interesting picture. Your goal is to position yourself so that you are eye level with the subject of your photo. Doing this creates a different visual perspective. This technique is great for taking pictures of babies, kids, and pets, as they are usually close to the ground The next time your preschooler is enjoying play time on the floor sit or kneel in front of him or her while snapping pictures. Your little one is more likely to engage with you and the camera giving you more interesting photos.

Animal Photography TipCredit: Kai Schreibe - Genista

Be Candid

Candid photos are one of the hallmarks of digital photography and its one of the best way to really capture the true essence of a moment. Being over posed can really take the fun out a photo. Next time you’re at a gathering or party try to be as stealthy as possible and snap a few pictures before your subjects realize that you’ve got them in your view finder. Candid shots work best if you’re able to turn your camera’s flash off so you can snap some shots without being found out. Perfecting this technique will help you eliminate a camera full of stiff group shots and corny “say cheese” smiles.

Candid PhotoCredit: Miguel Pires da Rosa

Try different Angles

One of the best aspects of digital photography is the ability to be flexible in your approach. The next time you go snap a picture shoot from an angle you normally wouldn’t try. The best way to do this is to first position your subject(s), then position yourself, aim, point, and before you shoot do the exact opposite of what you were doing. If you’re standing, try sitting. If you’re close to your subject back up and zoom in instead. If your subject is dead center in your view finder, position yourself to the left or right of your subject. If these techniques don’t add drama and interest to your photo then try tilting your camera at an odd angle, somewhere between horizontal and vertical. This tip is a great way to shake things up.

Camera AnglesCredit: zmtomako

Digital photography is a great way to capture memories. The best way to master these techniques is to try them out and critique your work. If you want to improve your overall picture-taking skills you should read  all you can about taking great pictures by searching free online photography sites and forums or by reading books about photography like 315 Amazing Tips To Help You Become A Better Photographer.  If you commit yourself to learning at least one new thing about photography each day you’ll be consistently taking great digital pictures in no time while creating a great portfolio of your digital photography