Take Better Pictures of Your Baby with These Digital Photography Tips

Digital Photography tips to Improve Your Digital Photography Skills

Digital Photography Tips: Take Better Pictures of Your Baby

It might be easier than you think to take better pictures of your baby. Every parent wants cute pictures of their kids to show off to friends and family. There are some simple things that you can do to make those cell phone and digital camera pictures of your baby turn out better.

Always Use Flash

If you’ve ever taken a picture of a baby or a small child then you might have already found out that little kids hate the flash. Most adults aren’t very fond of camera flash either, but it’s a necessary evil. IFlash(88734)Credit: Flashf you want to have fabulous shots of your baby you should make sure that the flash on your camera is turned on even for outdoor shots. Utilizing your camera’s flash when you take pictures of your little one will enhance your baby’s natural glow and soft skin.

Keep in mind that most people set their camera’s setting to automatic flash. You probably have your  camera set to autoflash as well. If this is the case the your camera will always flash if you are in low light setting and if you are in sunny or well light areas the flash will not come on if your camera is on autoflash. To make sure that your camera flashes every time you take a photo of your baby put your camera on “always flash.” When you are taking outdoor shots of your baby the flash will still come on.


Baby’s Eye View

If you want awesome pictures of your baby you should try taking pictures from a different perspective. Most people take pictures of kids from an adult’s perspective. A better way to take pictures of babies and kids is to get eye level with your child when you are taking pictures. The next time you want to take a picture position yourself so that your camera is eye level with your baby. This will make your photos more interesting. Doing this will also allow you to engage with your child even more and get him or her to look directly in the camera lens and smile.


Bribe Your Baby

If you want to get your baby to smile and engage with you and the camera you might have resort to bribery. Enticing your baby with a colorful toy or his or her favorite snack may get your baby to light up quicker than making funny faces will. You should try to get your baby to laugh by dangling her favorite toy near the camera as you snap pictures of her. Once your little one giDigital PhotographyCredit: photo by nayukim on Flickrves in and flashes a smile give him or her the toy. Pretty soon you won't need props to get your toddler to smile for the camera they will automaically do so when they see you with a camera.

There are lots of books and other websites that you can visit and read if you want to learn more about digital photography and improving your picture taking skills. The simple tips listed here will help you improve your skills and take better pictures of your baby.