Digital Frame


Easy to use
Reasonably priced
Environmentally friendly
A great gift idea


Power supply required - mains or battery

Full Review

Digital photo frames are becoming ever more popular. They have very definitely made the transition from being a high tech, high cost, slightly geeky gadget to being a mainstream consumer product. There are a number of reasons for this including price, ease of use and the increased popularity of digital photography in general.

If you⠀ ™ve been sitting on the fence, wondering whether to go digital or to stick with a traditional frame, here are ten reasons why you might want to try a new digital photo frame:

Digital frames make it really easy to get your photos out on display. It⠀ ™s like saving a file to your hard drive and it takes no time at all. So, rather than having your photos sitting around on memory cards or on your notebook⠀ ™s hard drive, get them out on display where everybody can see them.

Right now you can really pick up a bargain. The price of digital frames is no more than a traditional frame. Reduced material costs, economies of scales and tough competition between the main manufacturers mean that you can get yourself a perfectly good frame for under $50 today.

Save space. You can display hundreds of photos on one single digital picture frame. Just think how much wall space and how many old fashioned frames you would need to do that.

Set your frame up to cycle through all the photos stored and display an eye catching slide show. Some frames will even let you load MP3 files to use as background music should you wish.

Do your bit for the environment. Since you won⠀ ™t be printing out hard copies of your photos, you will save on paper, ink and a whole load of chemicals used to process prints.

Save money. Not using paper, ink and chemicals, combined with the fact that you can use one frame to display hundreds of photos will be very much cheaper when you consider it as a unit cost per photo on display

Save time. Add new photos to your digital frame in seconds. Some frames can even be updated wirelessly or over the internet.

Carry your photos with you when you⠀ ™re on the road. You can take the equivalent of a photo album with you whenever you⠀ ™re travelling thanks to the high storage capacity. You can even get digital photo frames on key fobs and coffee mugs ⠀ “ so you can have your happy memories and loved ones with you whenever you want.

Display short videos and home movies. Most frames have the capacity to show short movie clips.

Give someone special a delightful customised gift. Get them a digital photo frame and load it up with photos of kids, grandchildren, old friends, family events, holidays ⠀ “ whatever works best for them. Don⠀ ™t forget, you can always provide new photos for them later ⠀ “ especially nice for relatives who live far away ⠀ “ it⠀ ™s like a family photo news bulletin.

In Closing

There⠀ ™s never been a better time to get a digital photo frame ⠀ “ there are plenty to choose from. Start with a reasonably priced model and, if you like it you can consider one of the high end ones later.