Pyjamas That Track Your Baby's Every Need

How Sleeping Baby(97845)many times have you checked on a fussy baby and wished he or she could communicate what's wrong? Exmobaby digital babywear may be able to provide some answers through state of the art technology.

Imagine knowing instantly that your baby is too hot or too cold. Imagine knowing when he or she is restless or needs a diaper change and having that information delivered directly to your smart phone or iPad.

It may seem like the stuff of futuristic science fiction but that future is almost here.

This fall the U.S. biomedical company Exmovere will launch Exmobaby pyjamas. The company describes the wireless biosensor one piece garmet as "the world's only baby sleep garment that does not depend on a human being to communicate how a baby is feeling".

How Digital Pyjamas Work

Each pyjama comes with built in sensors. The garments will be available in aEmobaby Digital PyjamasCredit: Exmobaby website number of sizes to accommodate a growing baby. They are made of hypoallergenic materials and machine washable. The manufacturer says the sensors are well padded and they pyjamas are comfortable to wear.

They also contain a built in radio transmitter which is powered by a AAA battery and sends data to a tablet, computer or smart phone every minute. The signal will transit to a distance of up to one hundred feet.

The manufacturer says the sensors monitor electrical activity in the heart, skin temperature, moisture content and movement.

Parent can purchase the pyjama package and instruction guide (the price has not been set but is estimated between $100-$150) and also sign up for a monthly monitoring service (estimated at $10 a month)

The Advantages of Digital Pyjamas

Digital pyjamas are new and high tech. We realize that could also be a disadvantage but all new Phillips Advent Video Baby Monitorthings take some time to be accepted.

When baby audio monitors and later baby video monitors first hit the market not everyone was comfortable using them. Now they are a staple part of almost every new mom's baby equipment list and over the years people have discovered they have a multitude of other uses.

Today the monitors are used in a sick room or placed in a bedroom when a child moves to a room in the basement or other location away from his or her parents.

While Exmobaby digital pyjamas will be offered to the general public, the company will target the product to hospitals and other health care institutions. The idea is that doctors and nurses will be able to continuously monitor sick infants without having to constantly disturb them or attach uncomfortable electrode patches. The pyjamas may also benefit parents of children with acute or chronic health problems.

Some parents may use the pyjamas to monitor their child's care when they are traveling or at work. They can actively track how long it takes for a wet or dirty diaper to be changed by a caregiver or in a daycare setting. They can also check to see if their baby is restless or running a fever with updates every minute.

It's new technology. It will be exciting to see where it leads.

The Disadvantages of Digital Pyjamas

Using digital pyjamas to track the performance of a baby's caregiver is somewhat "Orwelian" and Checking on the Babysmacks of nanny cam use however it may give parents peace of mind, particularly people returning to work after the birth of their first baby.

Babies need the comfort of constant human contact. Digital pyjamas, and for that matter, baby monitors should not replace the time honored tradition of "checking on the baby". It doesn't take much longer to walk down the hall than it does to check your computer or smart phone.

By early May of 2012 the product had not yet been approved by the United States Food Administration. The company says there is just a minimal amount of radiation released.

Ultimately the decision to use Exmobaby digital pyjamas will rest with the individual parents. Some may want to try them out or use them only when the baby is sick with a cold or fever. Others may make them a basic part of the baby's wardrobe particularly at night.

Exmobaby wireless biosensor babywear may someday become part of every baby's wardrobe.