With technology constantly changing it's no surprise that the prediction is for the use of digital readers to surpass the use of paperback books eventually. Of course there are two sides to that issue and there is also the matter of personal preference. Before you decide what you truly prefer, ebooks on your digital reader, or paperback books on your book shelf, you should consider the pros and cons of each. You might be surprised there are things you haven't considered and you can find information on both sides of the issue at Indigo Books & Music or DeepDiscount.com.

Pros of Digital Readers

With so many of the masses turning to digital readers to hold their latest best sellers, there must be some pretty good reasons in favor of them. At Indigo Books & Music you will find great deals on the latest Kobe eReader or eReader applications. That means you can download your favorite books to your computer or phone if you even if you don't have an actual eReader. So, one of the major pros of digital readers is the ability to carry all of your reading material with you without lugging a huge backpack. Digital readers are lightweight and convenient; that means you can pull out your reader and catch up on your reading while you wait in line at the bank or the grocery store. Another pro to digital readers is, after the initial expense of the digital reader, ebooks are relatively inexpensive and you can even find plenty of free reading to choose from as well.

Pros of Paperback Books

The biggest pro of a paperback book is the tangible feeling of holding an actual book. There is something to be said for the feel of a book in your hand. You can also find books that are very affordable at places like DeepDiscount.com. Not to mention free books from the library or really cheap books from garage sales and second hand stores. Most paperback books are compact enough that you can carry one or two with you in your purse, briefcase, or backpack.

Cons of Digital Readers

If you don't have a wireless version of a digital reader you won't be able to browse for books or purchase new books unless you are hooked up to your computer. You will have to research to find the right type of digital reader that has all of the features you want and the right feel for you. You have to have a power source if you want to charge your eReader.

Cons of Paperback Books

Paperback books are just that, paper. That means the chances of them being ruined without proper and diligent care are higher. Paperback books can be easily torn, wrinkled, and will eventually fall apart. Paperback books take up a lot of space if you love to read or collect books. If you live in a small environment where space is precious this can be an issue. Space is also an issue if you like to carry your books with you. Books can be heavy where a digital reader is very light.

Think about the pros and cons for both digital readers and paperback books and then decide for yourself.