Digital signs offer a great advertising venue for your business, university, or financial institution. If you look around, you will notice digital signs all over. You can find them on gas pumps, in airports, in taxis, in the dentist's and doctor's office and even giant billboards.

These signs can be interactive, display video and animated graphics and can be connected to live feeds. Lightweight technology offers versatile uses.

Interactive digital display utilize touch screen technology allowing people to interact with the display. A traditional used for this type of display is an information kiosks. The interactive display can beacon a person to itself, and encourage the user to interact with it. With this technology, users can be directed, encouraged to follow their interest and learn what is available to them.

The best thing about a digital display is that it does not have to be static, but it could. However, video and animated graphics are a great way to grab a person's attention. Where a person might otherwise be conditioned to ignore a static sign, a little bit of motion can grab their attention.

A digital sign can be also be hooked up to live feeds. This makes it possible to change the sign remotely, or to rotate different messages through the display. It also makes it possible to display an active feed such as stock quotes, sport scores or even time and temperature, if it makes sense for the message. Live feeds could also be used to update store sales information, or update status, such as wait time for rides at an amusement park.

Technology used in digital signs allows for great versatility making digital signage suitable for many locations.

Digital displays use LCD technology. This technology is very lightweight and does not require a lot of bulky, heavy equipment to keep it working. Because its lightweight, it is relatively easy to adjust and move around.

The LCD technology used in digital signs has low power consumption. So, many of the signs can run on battery power alone. This makes them very portable creating many more opportunities for sign placement.

So, consider digital displays as part of your advertising. Digital media has opened up a broad range of possibilities for imagery, revolutionizing the way we communicate visually. With the ability to display great colors and graphics, digital signs can grab the attention of an individual and display an eye catching message.