Flip Mino HD is currently considered as among the smallest digital video camera recorders in the market both for High Definition and Standard Definition. Apart from some outstanding features, Flip Mino HD digital video camera recorders give terrific personalization for the users in order to customize the camera easily, matching their character or aura. The array of Flip cameras are very well-known due to its outstanding features, such as its smooth, light, and sleek design, to name a few. They are small and sleek that they provide you with a spy feeling each time you bring them along with you.

~Protected by Copyscape~Flip MinoHD Digital Video Camera Recorder –Introduction

The Flip product line is very much known to many not only because of its nice appearance, but also because of the quality of video created by the HD and SD models; they are all outstanding and as good as the much higher end cameras used by most professionals at present. One can record immediately with a Flip Mino HD digital video camera recorder – something that cannot be done with other camcorders. This particular digital video camera recorder has a memory with a maximum capacity of 8GB that gives you 2 recording hours. Furthermore, it has a 2-inch LCD screen that has an anti-glare feature, letting you to easily view what exactly it is you are recording. It also goes together with a software that is pre-installed to let you run a video via the well-known video streaming websites like Flip Channel, Facebook, YouTube, Metacafe, and a lot more.

Flip MinoHD Digital Video Camera Recorder – More about it

The Flip Mino HD digital video camera recorder weighs 3.3. ounces and is very much the same with a digital video camera recorder that is not high definition in terms of appearance. With Flip Mino HD digital video camera recorder, you will have a video of 720p with a 4GB or 8GB memory which will let you make a recording for 1 or 2 hours. This particular digital video camera recorder has an inventive USB arm which glides above, hence it is no longer necessary for you to bring cords just so you can plug your camcorder in a PC or laptop for downloading recorded videos. There is already an integrated software for Windows that will be downloaded at the start when you initially plug your camcorder to your PC.

You are able to watch videos on your TV by means of the composite video cable. As soon as the camcorder is plugged to your PC, there will be an option if you wish to download the integrated software or not. You need to click Yes so that the software can be installed to let you do the basic video editing that consists of blending various clips along with changes as well as video trimming if necessary. Likewise, you can upload your completed video to several video websites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc.

In case you are looking for a small digital video camera recorder, then check out Flip Mino HD and see for yourself. It is very ideal for weddings, beach outings, family trips or parties due to weight, modesty, and offers you a generous recording time, particularly the one with an 8GB memory.

Flip MinoHD Digital Video Camera Recorder – Where Can I Find It?

You can purchase this digital video camera recorder at the Flip website itself (http://store.theflip.com/en-us/). You can also purchase at the following online retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Buy, Dell, Flip Video Store, HSN, J&R, Kmart, New Egg, Office Depot, PC Connection Express, P.C. Richard, Radio Shack, Sam's Club, Sears, Staples, Target, Tiger Direct, Walmart.

On the same webpage, you can also see a more comprehensive list of authorized resellers of this digital video camera recorder as well as other Flip Video products.

Flip MinoHD Digital Video Camera Recorder - Cost and Accessories

The one with a 4GB memory is sold at the Flip online store for $179.99, whereas the one with an 8GB memory is sold for $229.99 apiece.

Inside the box of Flip MinoHD 4GB and 8GB digital video camera recorder are the following:

  • Flip MinoHD digital video camera recorder
  • Soft protective casing
  • Wrist strap
  • User Guide that can also be downloaded on the Flip website

And here are the accessories created to use with both the 4GB and 8GB camcorder:

  • A video power adapter to make sure your camcorder is charged and always geared up.
  • Video USB cables to link your camcorder to any PC, even with the ones that have almost inaccessible USB ports.
  • Flip video cables HDMIâ„¢ to link your camcorder to an HDTV with HDMIâ„¢ port.
  • A 2-pack soft pouch to tightly grip and care for your camcorder.
  • A waterproof casing to take videos securely while doing your activities like biking, snorkeling, kayaking, snowboarding, or skiing.
  • Bower wide angle lens to capture as well as film in the distance or at a very close range. Furthermore, you can capture panoramic scenes with these removable lenses.
  • A very handy video tripod that you can set up practically everywhere so you can film yourself and anything you desire.
  • An all-around video action tripod for your digital video camera recorder that can be utilized as a still tripod. You can also fasten it to your helmet, bike, or other equipment to film up and about movements.
  • FlipShare TV to let you look at your Flip Video library on your HDTV or TV without any wires involved. With this, it will be much easier for you to view and share the videos you have made.
  • An iGo portable projector that allows you to view your videos everywhere and project a 70-inch television to any reasonable surface. This is perfect for sharing of videos to family and friends and on the spot video presentations.
  • A premium service plan for your digital video camera recorder for priority client assistance and superior protection as the warranty is extended.

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