Digital wall clocks are a bit unusual in the decorating scheme of things. These clocks do not have hands to indicate the time, but use the numbers to spell out the time. Clocks with hands are called analog clocks. These bright glowing numbers make it easy to see the time under all light conditions.

Although digital alarm clocks and digital desk clocks are pretty common, normally on a wall you expect to see analog clocks. In an old fashioned house digital clocks would seem out of place, and analog wall clocks would be the only option, in a modern and high tech home digital clocks can be a great feature.

These wall clocks are pretty reasonably priced. Cheap digital wall clocks can be found at most big retail stores, but you can find a wider variety if you're willing to spend a few extra dollars. Many of the fancier varieties are also time zone clocks. These will show you the time in different time zones around the world.

Digital wall clocks show the time, have an am pm display, and some have a 12 or 24 hour display option. The fancier the clock the more bells and whistles that are available for your clock.

Types of Digital Wall Clocks

LED Digital Wall Clocks

Led digital wall clocks have a large clear time display. They come in different sized but are usually rectangular in shape. The easy to see display makes checking the time easy. The glowing led display ensures that you can see what time it is even at night in the dark. Most LED digital wall clocks have a simple black, silver, or grey frame. You can find different types of novelty frames but usually they have a simple frame similar to that of an LCD television.

Atomic Digital Wall Clocks

Atomic clocks are the most accurate of all the clocks on the market. Atomic digital wall clocks have the accuracy of an atomic clock and the clear and easy to read display of a digital clock. Atomic clocks can show the date and time, phase of the moon, temperature, and weather forecast. As with other electronic devices the higher end clocks will have more display options.

Large Digital Wall Clocks

It is hard to find a perfect place for large digital wall clocks. These large dominating pieces of furniture work well in a media room or a room that is more high tech in design. They can come as large as a big screen T.V. and can be mounted in the same fashion. If you don't know what to put over your mantle and really like knowing what time it is, a large digital wall clock might work. Even if it doesn't necessarily fit in with your décor you will get comments on this type of clock.

Digital Office Wall Clocks

Home and work offices are one of the best places to use a digital wall clock. This is a place where knowing the time is very important. Using digital office wall clocks on one or more walls will mean that you never lose track of time, or miss out on that important meeting. An office space is expected to have some cutting edge technology so they will not seem completely out of place.

Digital wall clocks are great for those people who are a little obsessed with, or chronically short of, time. If your vision is poor a digital display with large numbers can help you see the time without having to fumble for your glasses or contacts. They don't work in every type of home environment but with the right setting they become a great conversation/decorative piece of furniture.