Here is a little bit of the history of Hydromorphone' it was first assembled and researched in Germany in 1924 and sold by Knoll pharmaceutical to the public in 1926 under the brand name Dilaudid. It was further indicated that this drug was a derivative and very similar to morphine. It was invented as an attempt to improve the number one existing pain reliever morphine. Hydromorphone can also found under the trade names of Palladone, Palladone SR, Dilaudid and numerous others. It is a very potent narcotic that is an analgesic drug of the opiate family. It is a derived from morphine, therefore it is a semi-synthetic drug. It is used medically as opiate analgesic to treat pain and it is legally a narcotic. Hydromorphone can also be found in may countries around the world; for example, one can find it under these trade names- Hydal, Hydromorfan,Hydromorphan, Laudicon, Hymorphan, Opidol, Palladone, Sophidone, and a few others but it should be noted that they may differ from country to country. An extended-release version of hydromorphone called Palladone was removed from the market in the U. S. because of a high rate of overdose but it is still available in the United Kingdom under the brand name Palladone SR, and in most other European countries as well.

Hydromorphone aka: dilaudid is used for mild to moderate pain as an alternative to morphine. It is also used as a cough medicine for people complaining of dry, painful coughing which can result from continual bronchial irritation. It is thought to be one of the strongest pain relievers and was developed not long after another powerful drug heroin was removed from the market in the United States and a lot of other countries as well. Now I must let you know that a lot of people who use this drug will unfortunately end up with an dilaudid addiction.

Now if you think that you may be addicted to dilaudid there is help. I would suggest that you look for a dilaudid addiction treatment center in your area. This can be done over the internet. Once one is found make an appointment to go into rehab as soon as possible. Once you're admitted you can expect to be detoxed from dilaudid by a staff of trained professionals. They will give you medications to help the discomfort you will experience from dialudid withdrawal. This should take no more than 5 days. I would recommend that this be followed up with residential treatment. This will improve your chances of remaining clean when you leave rehab. I think this is probably the best suggestion I can give you of how to stop using.

Good luck