Such a beautiful thread of time...It takes enough time for someone to find a spark to thread his own mind to it. And so beautiful is the tune stuck in our heads that we can play with it all day long. And winter? winter comes with the same peace...

As evening fell, and the sunset, the lights of our room went off to a single study lamp the 3 of us sat down in the post dusk to complete our abandoned songs.

The song was about a man who lies on the night beach sand to look at the dancing aurora under the moon. And as he does admire the ripples of silent beauty, his mind poured it out onto the dancing curtain. People with some significance to the moment he lives looked at him from the 3D theater above him. He stretched his arms to touch them. But there was no changing them. the ripples of this aurora played with the four dimensions of turmoil.


Tears, they can traumatize a person. Tears have the fiery hot power of cracking open the reality in which we float. We invite them in with the hope that they will wash away a few pains, but do we ever forget the times like these? They are the first raindrops of a stormy day...


The second, escalating the climax are insecurities aka shivers. After te tears that dissolve reality, the person is left alone where he watches and waits for his fears to come true. Shivers send us rocketing to a hyper alerted state of zero trust in others( believe me you when i say it , it is "Zero") and shift the same balance of trust to our instinctive abilities setting up the stage for the ultimate climax.


The third are dreams. These unnerving unknowing subdued emotional displays have the ultimate power to flip you out o fyour senses. Medically implying the gravity, "One is capable of entering a self induced comma!" Dreams unlike the previous two dimensions are absolute mayhem.

The first based on past effects, the second on present tense. Dreams however, are the past, future, present and much more. They also distinguish themselves by being out of the jurisdiction of truth. They can be repelling, compelling. They can change perceptionsover the blink of an eye. they can be good and evil.


The fourth is the aftermath. The elemental nature of this dimension gives you the grip or loss over the previous three.

In our walking world today these dimensions are spelled cyclically. The 4 parameters are ever turning cyclically in our minds also often paralelly with multiple cycles putting under heavy influence of one of these. A perfect balanced mind would know how to control all of these...