Dimplex are a U.K. based electric space and water heating company. This company has been producing heating equipment for almost sixty years and has particular expertise in this field. They may not be as popular in the oil filled radiator heater market as De Longhi however although they both produce portable heating appliances they may be targeting different markets. Dimplex have some oil filled radiators that are considerably more expensive than the Delonghi units as well as many of their own cheaper models. These are not portable heating appliances but rather ones which can be floor standing or wall mounted. They look rather like typical central heating radiators but they are actually powered by electricity. The Dimplex OFX range are their premium oil filled heaters. Some models can run at up to 2kW.

dimplex oil filled radiator

These heaters are slimmer than many other styles of oil filled radiator. And as they can operate at higher power output levels they are also able to provide a higher level of heating. The expensive price to purchase a Dimplex OFX radiator, their premium brand of oil filled radiator heaters, may put many off even considering it. These heaters typically come with a three year guarantee which shows that they have confidence in the quality of their products. They are thermostatically controlled so depending on the level set can become more or less expensive to run. As oil heaters go, they are fairly heavy at not too much under 20 kg. This style of heating appliance has a greater heating effect upon a room than smaller portable oil filled radiators. Therefore, again it is important to consider the requirements of any electrical heat source that you are considering. Having wall mounted oil filled radiators is similar in many respects to central heating. Obviously the method by which the radiators operate is completely different but superficially they look the same and both output a radiant warmth to keep the winter chills away.

So are Dimplex OFX heaters better than portable oil filled radiators? To answer this question it really depends on what potential users are looking for. If being able to move the radiator easily from room to room is necessary then one of these OFX models may not be appropriate. On the other hand, as they can actually be wall mounted they offer the potential to save space. Further, the warming capacity of these models of radiator is greater than the typical movable varieties. This is another important point to bear in mind.

The Dimplex OFX1500 is their 1.5kW oil filled electric radiator. It is a safe and reliable panel style radiator. As with many other oil filled radiators they can be controlled by a thermostat which means people can set their own desired temperature. On top of this is the option to change the power level that the unit operates at. This obviously has an effect upon the heat output. The OFX models also feature a 24 hour timer which makes setting the radiator to come on early in the morning or shortly before you return home a breeze. Many other oil filled radiators also offer this level of control over their operation.

A further way that these radiators can be used is instead of central heating. The cost of installing central heating may be prohibitively expensive however for smaller apartments a Dimplex OFX radiator installed in the bedroom and another in the living room may be sufficient to provide excellent heating. It really depends on how you plan to use heating source. These Dimplex oil filled radiators may, or may not, be worth considering.

Aesthetically the wall mounted heaters look much more substantial than the portable heaters. While moving the position of oil filled radiators that are attached to a wall is difficult, it is possible. On the other hand, the position of central heating radiators is fixed and cannot be changed. As with all oil filled radiators the Dimplex appliances are very quiet. There may be a slight noise that comes from the warming or cooling metal shell of the heaters. Although, as there is no fan they are much quieter than gas heaters and other types of fan heaters. This is an attractive feature for many users. The Dimplex OFX heaters have a large surface area which helps them transmit their warmth into the air of the room.

Their large surface area helps to raise the temperature of the room quickly and despite some claims that oil filled radiators take a long time to heat up, my own experience has been different. Admittedly l have not tested every model of oil filled heater available, but the ones I have used before have all heated up quickly. The Dimplex OFX radiators are perhaps a more luxurious option than typical portable appliances. Even though they look completely different on the outside, the internal operation of these oil filled radiators is just the same. The oil is not used to power the radiators. Instead they run on electricity. The oil is used as part of the internal heat conduction. Heating elements within the units warm the oil to very high temperatures. However users should never be in a position to be harmed by this because the oil is sealed within the radiator. It then transfers its warmth to the heating rods in the case of the portable radiators or simply the outer frame in models such as the Dimplex OFX styles. The outer parts of the radiators do not reach the same temperatures as the internal liquid. This means that they are safe heating options for the home. I personally do not actually have one of these Dimplex models at the moment. Instead I have opted for a Delonghi oil filled radiator heater which I chose specifically for its portability. Buying a Dimplex OFX radiator is a relatively big financial decision. The quality and efficiency of these oil filled radiators mean that for those looking for a premium model a Dimplex OFX oil filled heater may be exactly what they are looking for.