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Chiquito, Kingston Park, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 2TX.

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Kingston Park, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 2TX

Initial Impressions

Chiquito is a nationwide chain of restaurants which, although described as being Mexican, serve food which is in fact more Tex-Mex than pure Mexican.

The branch visited is on Kingston Park in Hull, close to the city centre. It is sometimes called Kingston Retail Park although that more properly describes the other park across the road where there are lot of shops.

Most of the extensive nearby parking is pay and display although there is free parking available for customers of the restaurant to the rear of it. This is indicated by signs painted on the road as well as by notices at the entrance to the restaurant.

The restaurant was visited on a Friday lunchtime and was very quiet. The background music that was playing in the restaurant was of either Spanish or Mexican origins. There is a Lunch Menu with one course for £5.99, two courses for £7.99 or three for £9.99, but the Main Menu was the one ordered from. A complementary dish of tortilla chips and salsa was served shortly after being seated.

Two draught glasses of Coca Cola were had with the meal, which were as good as can be expected from a draught soft drink.


The starter ordered was Chicken Wings, which comes with a choice of several different sauces; Smoky BBQ, Honey & Lime Jerk, Louisiana Hot and Yucatan Volcano. Smoky BBQ is the mildest going up to the the hottest, Yucatan Volcano, which is classed as volcanic on their menu.

This was ordered with the Yucatan Volcano sauce. Some sauce is on the chicken wings, with the rest in a container for dipping. The dish is served with a garnish, but the garnish was just a clump of cress and it would probably have looked better if they'd just skipped the garnish all together.

The Yucatan Volcano sauce was definitely spicy, but, if you're used to spicy foods, not really all that hot. Chicken wings aren't for everyone, they can be fiddly and messy (although it is possible to eat them with a knife and fork) and no cleansing wipes or water was provided with them.

Main Course

This was Tiger Prawn Fajitas. There are a variety of different main ingredients that can be had in the fajitas other than the tiger prawns, including a vegetarian option.

The tiger prawns were sautéed with garlic and herbs, along with sliced onions and red onions along with some green and red pepper. The fajitas are served on a wooden board with spaces for the metal platter with the prawns on, three small containers of salsa, sour cream and guacamole and a dish containing shredded lettuce and grated cheese.

The plate to assemble the fajitas on is initially on the wooden board, but you are advised to remove the plate from the board as otherwise it is too close to the hot platter and you could get burnt.

There were also five soft tortillas which were served wrapped in a waxed sheet. These were about 4" in diameter; a bit on the small side to wrap them up once all the fillings had been added.

With fajitas, you place the flour tortilla on the plate, add the various fillings down the centre, then roll the tortilla up to make a tube containing everything. In theory, these can then be eaten by hand, but this was not really feasible because of the small size of the provided tortillas and due to the prawns being quite large.

Although there weren't any jalapeños listed on the menu as a side dish, the restaurant was perfectly happy to serve a dish of sliced red and green jalapeños with the meal and these were provided free of charge.

The fajitas are a "some assembly required" dish so shouldn't be ordered if you don't want to make them yourself. There is a fair amount of food in the dish. Everything was fresh and the hot parts of the dish had been cooked just right.


The dessert was a Golden Nugget Cheesecake. The cheesecake contained chocolate and smashed honeycomb (similar to a Crunchie bar) pieces and was topped with chocolate coated golden nuggets.

The cheesecake slice was of a decent size and with the chocolate and honeycomb the cheesecake was quite filling.

My Opinion

The total cost of the meal came to £27.47 including drinks. The draught Cokes were at a reduced price of £1.50 at lunch time.

The meal was enjoyable and the service was prompt, but Chiquito just lacked that certain something to tip it over into being a very good restaurant. For example, the garnish on the starter could have been better, and the cheesecake could have been dusted with icing sugar. Little touches, but ones that pay off. The meal also wasn't that cheap, although the Lunch Menu would have been cheaper than the Main Menu, so the Lunch Menu is certainly recommended at lunch time. 3.5/5.