Loch Fyne Restaurant, Leeds
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Loch Fyne Restaurant, The Old Post Office, 2 City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2ES.

Loch Fyne Restaurant Get Directions
The Old Post Office, 2 City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 2ES

Initial Impressions

As well as selling seafood and larder foods direct to your door, Loch Fyne also run a chain of 42 restaurants across the UK. The branch of Loch Fyne Restaurants visited is situated on City Square in Leeds just across from the train station. There is not much in the way of parking near to the restaurant; there is some on-street parking on some of the side streets up Park Row, but other than that there are some nearby multi-story car parks which tend to be fairly expensive. There are a number of other eating places not that far away, including the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and La Tasca.

As well as dining at the restaurant you can also buy fresh fish and shellfish from here, some of which was on display in a refrigerated counter just inside the entrance. Much of the food available is directly produced by or for Loch Fyne itself.

This branch of Loch Fyne was visited on a Monday lunchtime and was pretty quiet, probably because it was the beginning of the week.

The menus consist predominately of fish and shellfish, which is not that surprising given the origins of the restaurant as a seafood producer and retailer, but there are some vegetarian options as well as a few meat dishes, although anyone with a shellfish allergy may have problems here considering that, due to the items on the menu, shellfish will always be present in the kitchen.

The menu ordered from was the a la carte menu, although there is also a lunchtime set menu of two or three courses, which also includes one side dish, as well as daily specials and some occasion menus throughout the year. The lunchtime set menu looks to be pretty good value for money given the quality of the food served here.

Two drinks were ordered, both bottles of Coca Cola.


This was the Loch Fyne Charcuterie Plate which was served on a rectangular piece of slate. This considered of slices of prosciutto ham, cured wild boar and salami Perugino which were topped with shredded carrot, greens and thinly sliced celery. There was also a stoneware dish of pitted green and black olives in olive oil and a small amount of sauce. The dish comes with brown bloomer loaf, although this was substituted with white when requested. There were two slices of the white bread, both of which had been lightly toasted. The plate is also available for two people if desired.

The slate the starter was served on was an interesting alternative to a normal plate. The charcuterie plate was a very enjoyable starter; it both looked and tasted nice and there was a reasonable quantity of food, especially the olives.

Main Course

This was the Seafood Taglioline. This consisted of long, thin strips of taglioline pasta with pieces of scallops, clams in shells, squid and, although they weren't mentioned in the menu description, there were also prawns, probably king prawns. This was in a white wine and cream sauce with quite a lot of what seemed to be sliced garlic and sticks of a green vegetable, which looked like it could be samphire, an edible plant that usually grows in coastal areas. There was enough sauce which nicely coated the pasta and seafood, rather than having them swimming in it and hiding the taste.

Although there did appear to be a fair bit of garlic in the dish, this did not drown out everything else and make the taglioline only taste of garlic. The dish was nice, there was plenty of seafood in it and, being pasta, it was also filling.


This was a Lemon Sorbet. The sorbet is also available in raspberry, passion fruit and mango. This was not a bland lemon sorbet, but one that definitely tasted of lemon, and it had bits of lemon peel in the sorbet. There was also a fair amount of the sorbet, and sorbet makes a nice, if not a very filling, end to a meal.

My Opinion

The staff at Loch Fyne were enthusiastic about the food and the location itself was pleasant, with even the paper serviettes were of a superior quality and thickness. Every dish had was very nice and service was quick. The quality of the food was very good, and the service was prompt. The quality of food served was high, and everything was presented well. Quantities were also good too.

Parking, as mentioned, is less than convenient nearby, although the restaurant is still in the city centre so it can be worthwhile parking further away and walking to it, especially if you are already in Leeds for something else.

In total, the meal came to £29.45 for three courses including the drinks. Loch Fyne isn't the cheapest place to eat, although as mentioned earlier the lunch menu looks good value, but it was a very enjoyable meal especially if you like fish.

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