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The Aspley, St Andrews Road, Huddersfield, HD1 6SB.

Initial Impressions

The Aspley is part of Whitbread's Table Table chain of restaurants. This pub is on Aspley Wharf Marina in Huddersfield, with two sides of the location bordered by the canal, giving window tables on those sides a view over the canal and marina. Some tables and chairs are also outside on the canal edge.

There is a Pay & Display car park shared with the next door Premier Inn on the other side of the canal. The restaurant is accessed from the car park by a footbridge across the canal. This is not suitable for wheelchairs, so anyone using such should enter from the St Andrews Road side. Although Pay & Display, the parking ticket comes with a refund slip that can be used inside The Aspley to get an equal value reduction on the price of the meal.

The Aspley was visited on a Saturday lunchtime. The venue was initially very quiet, although later on there was an influx of bar customers shortly after the Huddersfield Town football game ended at the nearby Galpharm Stadium.

Upon entering, you are asked to choose a table. The restaurant is table service, so even though you can choose your own table, a server will take your order and you can pay after the meal.

There was a specials menu, with one starter, two main courses and two desserts on it. On weekdays in the daytime, excluding Bank Holidays, there are a number of the main courses available at a fairly substantially reduced price.

The drinks ordered were two glasses of draught Pepsi. These were decent sized portions, with the quality typical for a draught soft drink.


The starter ordered was Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms, which was served with two dips, garlic mayonnaise and barbecue. This was served very quickly. There was plenty of sauce with the dish; more than was needed for the mushrooms. The mushrooms were nice and hot, with a reasonable number in the portion.

Main Course

The main course ordered was a 10oz rump steak, served with chips, peas, a tomato sliced in half and grilled and a large grilled flat mushroom. A portion of pepper sauce was ordered with the dish. This was again brought out quickly. Unfortunately, although the steak had been ordered rare, it was actually closer to raw than rare - a not uncommon problem in this type of venue, as it often seems the chefs are not experienced enough with cooking rare steak and frequently undercompensate with the cooking time.

The chips, peas, tomato and mushroom were all fine. The pepper sauce was okay, if not that peppery. Again, this is not unusual, as these sauces are designed to cater to a range of tastes, and do tend towards the bland.

The steak selection on the menu was not that broad, with only four steak sizes available, a 10oz rump, an 8oz sirloin, a 7oz fillet and a 6oz minute steak. With the exception of the minute steak, as the size decreased the price increased; not so good if you wanted a smaller portion without paying too much money.


The dessert ordered was a tasting plate, which consisted of a selection of three out of eight available desserts for the plate. The desserts ordered for the plate were Profiteroles, Belgian Waffles and Lemon Frangipane Tart and came with a jug of cream.

My Opinion

The total cost of the three course meal, including two draught Pepsis, was £25.02, before the £1 parking refund was deducted. Essentially, this means the parking was free and the meal cost £25.02. This was pretty expensive for this type of meal. The location appears to be competing with similar restaurants and pubs, such as various J D Wetherspoon venues such as The Admiral of the Humber, yet was substantially more expensive than them and with less variety on the menu. The Aspley would have been much better value if ordering from the weekday offers; otherwise it's a bit pricy for the type. The food quality was largely okay, with the exception of the undercooked steak, but not good enough to justify the price charged. The service was fast and efficient, but the food could have been better and cheaper. A nice location to eat at, but not that good otherwise. 2/5.