The Beech Tree


The Beech Tree, Southella Way, Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire, HU10 7LY

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Southella Way, Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire, HU10 7LY

Initial Impressions

This is an Ember Inn in Kirk Ella.

The Beech Tree was visited at lunchtime on a weekday. There was a choice of two areas to eat in, the bar and the main dining area, the latter being the one chosen. The place was not very busy, probably due to the time the location was visited, and it being in an area that is mostly residential, it doesn't receive much weekday lunchtime custom, although there are several daytime dining deals.

When choosing a table, you are not shown to one - at least at lunchtime - but have to pick it yourself. Orders are placed at the bar, and there is an option to open a tab, which is useful, especially when dining by yourself, as further orders can be placed with your server rather than having to go back to the bar. Some condiments and cutlery, wrapped in napkins, are in a container on the table, which also houses the menus.

There was a choice of menus available at lunchtime. A light lunches and sandwiches menu, the normal full menu, a daytime fixed menu and a menu with a number of specials. The daytime menu allowed you to roder two courses from the menu for £6.95, or three for £8.95.

Two courses were ordered from the daytime menu. A Coca-Cola (bottled) was ordered to drink, and was served chilled from the fridge in a glass.


This was a piece of Somerset Brie, almoned crumbed and deep fried. It was served with a juniper and redcurrant jelly and an apple salad. The salad was just a garnish with some greens and bits of apple. The juniper and redcurrant jelly was not very strongly flavoured, but was fine. The crumbed and fried brie was a large pie wedge shaped piece cut from a whole brie, rather than a complete, and small, cheese. Despite the fact that cutting into the brie wedge caused most of the melted brie to run out onto the plate, this was a very nice starter.

Main Course

Both the main course and the starter were ordered at the bar at the same time, which meant there was no need to either place an order with the server or return to the bar. The main course ordered was a 7oz gammon steak, with thick cut chips, peas and a fried egg on top. The gammon, although a little bit fatty, was cooked properly, and wasn't, as sometimes happens, too salty. The chips were fine if you prefer your chips on the chunky side, although possibly a bit large if your preference is for thin-cut chips, and hadn't been overcooked. The peas were peas, neither noticeably good or bad.

In Conclusion

Most of the food was served to the table fairly promptly, although it took longer than could be justified by the amount of custom in the restaurant for the starter to be served. The fixed price lunchtime menu chosen provided a decent, if not execptional, meal for a decent price. Service was also reasonable, if also nothing exceptional. If dining by yourself, it is definitely recommended to open a tab to avoid having to revist the bar, leaving your table unattended, during your meal. The toal price, including drink, was £8.80, more expensive than a fast food outlet, but a better meal. 2.5/5.