The Pavilion Cafe
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The Pavilion Cafe, The Pavilion Gardens, St. John's Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6BE.




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The Pavilion Gardens, St. John's Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6BE

Initial Impressions

The Pavilion Cafe is located in the main building in the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton. The Pavilion Gardens themselves are 23 acres of restored pleasure gardens in the centre of Buxton.

Parking is available nearby; both limited on street parking near the gardens and a car park serving the gardens themselves.

The Pavilion Cafe has two seating areas; the main downstairs area and an upstairs balcony. The upstairs balcony area is the Art Café, which features paintings by local artists on the walls. The paintings change constantly, and are available for purchase. Both parts of the cafe overlook the Pavilion Gardens, with extensive windows to the front and part of the sides, although the Art Café balcony overlooks all of the downstairs seating, so some of it is set back from the front of the building.

The Cafe serves breakfast in the morning, main courses, starters and light meals through the day after breakfast is finished and a selection of desserts and homemade cakes at all times by the looks of it. Afternoon tea and a children's menu are also available. A large proportion of the food, and most of the meat on the menu, is sourced locally. The Cafe was visited in the early afternoon on a Monday, and a main course was ordered from the menu. At this time of day and week, the cafe was fairly quiet.

The Pavilion Cafe is table service. After entering, you are shown to a seat and given a menu and you place your orders at the table.

Main Course

This was a Local Buffalo Cheeseburger. The buffalo meat comes from Nether Rod Knowle Farm, Eastmoor, near Chesterfield according to the menu, and the burger is served inside a bun with two homemade onion rings and salad, with a portion of chips and coleslaw. The drink order was two halves of Coke. The Coke was as good as can be expected from draught.

The homemade onion rings were pretty large; about the same width as the burger and two of them stacked on top of each other greatly increased the size of the bun's contents, so the burger needed a skewer to hold it together. The onion rings were actually a bit too big. The coleslaw portion was a decent size, as was that of the chips which were freshly cooked and hot. The plate could have done with being a bit larger; it wasn't really big enough for the food on it.

The burger itself was nice, although not that much different in taste from beef. It was possibly a bit on the red side for some tastes.

My Opinion

The cost of the meal was £12.05 - a bit on the high side if it had been a normal burger, but buffalo meat may be more expensive. The portion sizes were decent, and the food fresh. This wasn't the cheapest burger meal that it's possible to buy, but the food was nice, the service was good and the location pleasant, especially on a sunny day.


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