The Three John Scotts


The Three John Scotts, Exchange Court, Hull, HU1 1XW.

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Exchange Court, Hull, HU1 1XW

Initial Impressions

The Three John Scotts is a J D Wetherspoon venue in Hull in the old Post Office building in Hull's Old Town. The nearby William Wilberforce is also a Wetherspoon's venue.

The location was visited on a weekday lunchtime. There was a reasonable level of custom, although many there were several tables free.

Ordering food requires you to first choose a table, then place the order at the bar giving your table number.

It took several minutes to be served at the bar, after which the table was returned to. Condiments are available from a table in the dining area. Cutlery was brought wrapped in a napkin with the meal.

Main Course

This was an 8oz British rump steak, cooked rare. A steak knife was brought in addition to the normal cutlery. The steak was ordered with chips and salad, although a baked potato could have been ordered instead of the chips, and peas instead of salad. There was also a small tub of a garlic-flavoured dressing.

The steak was fine, and had been cooked correctly, not overdone as is common with a rare steak. The chips were fine. The salad was quite substantial, not just a garnish, but a mix of salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Unfortunately, some of the crisp leaves in the salad were starting to turn brown on the edges, and should probably have been discarded.

The meal included a wide range of possible drinks and brands - lager, cider, stout, bitter, wine, spirits, water, hot and soft drinks - which were at no extra cost.

The drink chosen was a small glass of South African Chenin Blanc. Despite it being the third glass picked by the barman, it still wasn't clean.

In Conclusion

The food and drink were quite nice, despite the problems with the salad and the cleanliness of the glass. With the drink being included with the meal, the overall cost of £8.20 was also quite reasonable. The food was served quickly, in under ten minutes.

One of the main problems is the lack of table service. Having to go to the bar to place orders, or order additional items, is a problem when dining alone, as it means leaving your table to go to the bar, and either leaving possessions at the table or finding someone sat there on your return.

Not a bad venue, and not bad food for the price. Worth going to if shopping in the area and you don't feel like a snack lunch. 2.5/5.