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The William Wilberforce, Trinity House Lane, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 2JD.

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Trinity House Lane, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 2JD

Initial Impressions

The William Wilberforce is a J D Wetherspoon's pub in Hull's Old Town, as is the nearby Three John Scotts. It's named after William Wilberforce, the famous anti-slavery campaigner from Hull whose house is just a few minutes walk away. There is metered on-street parking nearby, as well as a multi-story car park.

Inside The William Wilberforce there is downstairs seating and the main bar as well as an upstairs balcony seating area with its own bar, although the upstairs bar does not tend to be in use when the venue isn't busy.

The William Wilberforce does not provide table service so, once you have chosen what you want to wait, to place an order, you have to go to the bar, which can be inconvenient when dining by yourself at busy times.

The location was visited on a Wednesday lunchtime and was fairly quiet. As well as the main menu, there are various offers available on different days and at different times during the week; there is a Steak Club on Tuesdays, a Curry Club on Thursdays, Sunday roast specials, a breakfast menu and some weekday afternoon offers. The main menu was the one ordered from.

The drinks ordered were two draught Pepsis, one at the regular 14oz size and one upgraded to a pint. These were as good as can be expected from a draught Pepsi.

Main Course

This was a Mixed Grill. The mixed grill has a pretty substantial amount of food for its price of £8.49. It consists of a gammon steak, a rump steak, two small lamb chops, a pork steak and a pork, leek and chive sausage and is served with chips, peas, half a grilled tomato and a grilled small flat mushroom. The price of the meal included a drink; the drinks available included a wide selection ofbeers, wines, spirits, hot drinks, soft drinks and bottled water. The included draught Pepsi ordered was upgraded to a pint for an extra £0.20.

There is also a larger version of the mixed grill available.

The food took a bit longer than expected to be served, given that the venue was not that busy, and when brought the food was not quite warm enough; it was not piping hot as if it had just been cooked but instead, although not cold, it seemed like it had been standing for several minutes before it was brought out, which would explain why it took longer than expected.

Other than that, the mixed grill was fine. There was a good amount of food on it, and it hadn't been over- or undercooked, although the chips were borderline. The different types of meat were fine and not tasteless and the gammon steak wasn't overly salty as is a common problem.

My Opinion

The service was a bit on the slow side considering the amount of custom. The total cost, including two drinks, was £10.64 for which you got a decent quantity of food and not bad quality, except for not being hot enough which wasn't down to the quality of food so much as the service. If the meal had been as hot as it should have been, it would been better. The William Wilberforce is good value for money, just let down by the temperature of the meal.

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