The Zachariah Pearson
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The Zachariah Pearson, 386 Beverley Road, Hull, HU5 1LH.

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386 Beverley Road, Hull, HU5 1LH

Initial Impressions

Like The Admiral of the Humber and The Three John Scotts, The Zachariah Pearson is also a J D Wetherspoons venue. It is situated in Hull on Beverley Road, north of the city centre, and at the far south eastern edge of the traditional student area. Car parking is available in a car park to the rear of the pub that serves both The Zachariah Pearson and the pub next to it.

The pub was visited on a Thursday evening. Roughly three quarters of the tables were filled, at least partially, and the majority of the rest were reserved for parties, so the venue quickly reached capacity in terms of used tables, although most had vacant chairs and there was little standing custom, mostly at the bar.

Like the other J D Wetherspoons pubs, you are required to find a table and make a note of the number before going to the bar to place your order. It took longer than expected to be served, considering there were not that many people waiting.

After ordering, you return to your table to await your order. Condiments can be collected from a table in the dining area, and cutlery is brought with the meal.

Thursday is Curry Club day, served from 12 noon to 10PM. Other clubs are available on other days of the week, as well as some daytime offers.

Main Course

The main course chosen was from the Curry Club menu. There are about a dozen different curries of different strengths on the menu, comprising various meats, lamb, beef and chicken, prawns and a vegetable curry. The majority of the curries are £4.99, but two, luxury, curries are £5.99.

Each curry includes the following; the curry, basmati rice or, in the case of the luxury curries, pilau rice - the rice can be changed to chips if desired - a small, sealed tub of mango chutney, two small popadoms and a small complete naan bread. The naan bread may be exchanged for more popadoms if desired.

The curry also includes a drink in the price, from a wide range of hot, cold, soft and alcoholic drinks, including wines, spirits and beers.

If desired, the curry can be upgraded to a Curry Feast for an extra £1.50, which added an onion bhaji, vegetable samosa and Bombay potatoes to the meal. Larger portions of these could also be ordered separately.

The ordered curry was the Malabar King Prawn Curry, one of the luxury curries, with chips replacing the pilau rice. It took slightly more than ten minutes to arrive, probably due to the level of custom, most of whom were there for meals.

This is quite a mild curry in a creamy coconut sauce, which is flavoured with tomato, red onion, spinach, coriander and cardamom. The prawns were rather small for king prawns, so they may well have been the common substitute of tiger prawns, but there were a lot of them in the curry. From the texture of the prawns, it seemed likely they were cooked and peeled prawns that were added to the curry, rather than raw, fresh ones cooked in it.

The curry wasn't bad at all, though. The ingredients of the curry and the side dishes were not of the quality you would expect from a good Indian restaurant, but still a reasonably priced enjoyable meal.

The drink ordered with the meal was a draft Pepsi, and was about as good as can be expected from a draft soft drink.


There were a range of desserts, such as cheesecake, waffles, pancakes, sticky toffee pudding and fruit salad to name a few, also on the Curry Club menu. By ordering them as part of the Curry Club meal, they only cost £1.99 each, with an extra 80p in some cases to add banana to them. The same, identical, desserts on the normal menu cost more than this.

The dessert ordered was the Eli's Baked Vanilla Cheesecake, which could be ordered with either Belgian chocolate sauce or strawberry and blueberry compote. The compote was chosen.

Unfortunately, this took a long time to be served. After half an hour, a server was asked where the dessert was. The reply was that they were very busy, and service was taking longer than normal. True, they were busy, but a cheesecake hardly takes half an hour to be made, as they aren't done from scratch. Given that the cheesecake turned up only a few minutes afterwards, after the server returned and clarified what it was, it seems more likely that it had been forgotten, which was discovered when checked upon. It may have been that the server who cleared away the main course plates hadn't told the kitchen, so the next course wasn't done.

The cheesecake and sauce were fine. Nothing special, but a perfectly decent dessert, and pretty good value for money at the reduced price.

My Opinion

The food was nice, if not exceptional, and pretty good value for money. The cost of the entire meal was £7.98, which included the curry, drink and dessert.

The service wasn't as quick as it could have been. The main meal was served in a reasonable amount of time considering the level of custom; the dessert took far too long for a dish that probably required about a minute to prepare.

The lack of table service in the Zachariah Pearson, as with all pubs in the J D Wetherspoon chain, is a problem when visiting by yourself, as you have to either risk losing your table upon return, or leave possessions behind to mark it as taken.

A fairly decent meal in a decent pub, and at a decent price, £7.98 being quite reasonable for a two course meal with side dishes and a drink, although the service was a bit slow. Worth trying if you fancy a curry on a Thursday.

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