Fair Maid
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Fair Maid, Baynard Avenue, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 5AB.

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The Fair Maid, Baynard Avenue, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire HU16 5AB, UK

Initial Impressions

The Fair Maid is part of the Spirit Pub Company's John Barras Pub Company brand on Baynard Avenue in Cottingham. There is a substantial car park and a beer garden with the pub.

There is a cross between bar service and table service. It is possible to open a tab by providing a card to swipe on your initial visit to the bar, which then allows you to place more orders without having to leave the table; useful if visiting by yourself.

The Fair Maid was visited on a Friday lunchtime. The pub was fairly quiet, although not empty. Cutlery, napkins and sauce packets are available on the table.

The Food

The food ordered was from the main menu, although there are daily offers available. Some are available constantly; others are specific to a particular day.

Two Pepsis were ordered; one was a bottled drink, and one was a pint of draught. The pint could be upgraded from a smaller drink for £0.30 extra. The bottled drink was fine, although a bit on the small side, and the draught was as good as expected.


The starter ordered was a Combo for One. This consisted of two chicken wings, two chicken goujons, two onion rings, two slices of garlic bread, made from what appeared to be French bread, and Criss-Cross chips. This was served with a choice of Heinz Barbecue sauce or sour cream; the barbecue sauce was the one chosen.

There was a decent quantity of food in the starter for the price. The container of sauce was full and hadn't been skimped on. The garlic bread was fresh and hadn't been overcooked. Overall, the starter was the best part of the meal.

Main Course

The main course was a Barras Cheese and Bacon Burger. This consisted of two 4oz burgers in a toasted bap with lettuce, grated Cheddar cheese and bacon, served with chips, onion rings and a container of Heinz Barbecue sauce. The chips could have been upgraded to Criss-Cross chips for £0.79 extra.

This was far too dry. Both the bacon and the burgers had had all the juice cooked out of them, making them rather crispy. Possibly, for the burgers at least, this was because they were rather thin and so susceptible to overcooking. The cheese, however, hadn't been melted other than by the heat of the burgers and bacon. The lettuce was a bit sad looking. It was necessary to pour the barbecue sauce over the burger to moisten it up to eat.

For some unknown reason the burger and chips were served in a soup bowl, rather than on a plate. This made it difficult to eat with a knife and fork.

My Opinion

The two course meal came to £12.84 including the two drinks. Although, as mentioned earlier, you can open a tab which supposedly allows you to place additional orders from your table, it unfortunately didn't work out like this. It was necessary to go back to the bar if something else was wanted, which defeats the whole point of having the tab.

The food was at a reasonable price, but the service was below what was expected. The main course was only adequate at best.

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