Gourmet Burger Kitchen Leeds
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Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Minerva House, 29 East Parade, Leeds, LS1 5PS.

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Minerva House, 29 East Parade, Leeds, LS1 5PS

Initial Impressions

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a chain of restaurants specialising in burgers. This one is in an area of Leeds with many other eating out places nearby, including Loch Fyne and La Tasca.

The majority of the food served is, not surprisingly, burgers, although as well as beef they do chicken, lamb, various vegetarian burgers, buffalo and wild boar. Also available are a selection of salads and side dishes, and sauces to go with the meals.

This branch was visited on a Tuesday lunchtime, and wasn't very busy. There were less than a dozen people in at any time, with only a few tables occupied.

Once you enter, a staff member directs you to find a table, and will then bring a menu over. Once you have decided what to order, it is necessary to go over to the counter to place your order and pay in advance, although food and drinks are brought to the table. Having to leave the table to order food or drinks is a bit inconvenient if you are by yourself, as this means the table is left vacant.

The furniture is fairly basic, although a step up from cafeteria level, and cutlery, napkins and ketchup are available on the table. Other condiments, as well as pitchers of water, can be got from a table at the end of the counter.

With every order, you get some free monkey nuts, which are shell on peanuts, which you help yourself to. Other dishes are available to order whilst waiting for the meal to be served.

The Food

The drink ordered was a bottle of Coca-Cola, which was served in the bottle with a straw, not a glass. Bottled Coke is better quality than draught, and this was chilled enough.

The food took about twelve minutes to be served, which wasn't that quick considering the level of custom.

The burger ordered was a Habanero Burger, served with moderately spicy habanero and tomato jam, mozzarella, salad (lettuce, tomato and red onion) and mayo. This was nice, although the jam was not that spicy. One of the condiments available was substantially hotter. The burger itself was quite thick, although not very big otherwise, and had been cooked medium, as requested.

The side order of skinny fries were extremely skinny, only a few millimetres in thickness, and were a bit hard to pick up with the fork because of this. Chunky fries are also available, but these are quite a bit more expensive. The fries were served in a small dish on a separate plate to the burger.

My Opinion

Although the burger was nice and of a decent quality, the meal was basically just burger and chips. As such, it was a bit pricey, at £12.15, for such a meal. The quality was better than, for example, fast food restaurants, but there are other places offering burger and chips that are also of a higher standard than fast food, if not with the same amount of variety, that are quite a bit cheaper, especially as GBK doesn't give full table service. Overall, decent service and an enjoyable meal, but a bit on the expensive side.

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