The Sailmakers
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Sailmakers, St. Andrews Quay, Hull, Kingston upon Hull, HU3 4SA.

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St. Andrews Quay, Hull, Kingston upon Hull, HU3 4SA

Initial Impressions

The Sailmakers is a Fayre & Square pub restaurant located in a former sail makers at the Junction in Kingston-upon-Hull overlooking the Humber Estuary. The Junction was previously called, and is still often known as, St. Andrews Quay.

there is a reasonably substantial car park adjoining the location, with more parking available in the rest of the retail park, and a beer garden on two sides of the Sailmakers, one of which faces out onto the Humber Estuary.

The Sailmakers was visited on a Sunday lunchtime and was fairly empty when entered, but had filled up significantly by the time it was left.

The restaurant operates a combination of table and bar service. You have to place your initial order at the bar, but you can, if you want, open a tab with a credit or debit card, which allows you to order additional items without leaving the table. The card is swiped when your first order is placed, although no money is taken at that point, and you have to certify that the card is yours. This is more convenient than locations where every additional order requires leaving the table and queuing at the bar again, especially for customers visiting by themselves, although the means may not be favoured by everyone.

Packet condiments and cutlery were available at the tables.

Two drinks were ordered during the meal, both of them draught Pepsis. The Pepsis were okay for draught, but the glasses would have been mostly filled with ice if they hadn't been requested without. Putting that much ice in a draught drink makes them even more expensive, although it certainly adds to the business' bottom line, as easily half of the "Pepsi" would have been frozen water.


The starter ordered was Creamy Garlic Mushrooms. This is button mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce served on a slice of garlic bread. The sauce had some pieces of a green chopped herb, probably parsley, in it.

This was okay, it was hot and fresh, but it was a bit bland. The sauce was more creamy than garlicky, and it would have been hard to tell that there was any garlic in it if it hadn't been known beforehand.

Main Course

The main course was a 5oz Rump Steak which came with chips, peas, button mushrooms and half a grilled tomato. The steak was ordered rare. Sauces could have been ordered to top the steak. The ones available were Mushroom and Garlic Cream, Spicy Sausage and Bacon and Tikka. It may just be personal preference, but neither the spicy sausage and bacon nor the tikka seemed appropriate for steak. Scampi could also have been added as an extra to make a surf & turf dish.

The steak had been cooked properly, which isn't always the case when they're ordered rare. It was also, like the starter, a bit bland. The rump was tender enough, and wasn't unpleasant, it just didn't have much taste.

My Opinion

The meal, including two large draught Pepsis, came to £15.06. Whilst there was nothing wrong with the food, it was, as mentioned, just a bit bland. It seemed that, in trying to make the food as inoffensive to as many people as possible, the flavour had also been removed. It should be mentioned that the company do offer a no quibble guarantee if you are unhappy.

Service was not that fast; initially there were only two wait staff serving, although more came in later, probably after 1 o'clock, but by that time there were also substantially more customers. Both starter and main course took about a quarter of an hour to be served.

The location and restaurant is quite pleasant, but there are better and cheaper places that sell similar food, although admittedly there aren't any that close by. Adequate but boring food. 2/5.