Depending on your financial situation, shopping for dining tables for sale can either be a frustrating burden, or an extremely enjoyable experience. This is because they don't come cheap, but they are large items of furniture that add a lot of substance to a home and are often used as the center piece to your dinette, so there are plenty of elegant models to choose from like glass, antique, oak, japanese, and round dining tables for sale.

Glass Dining Tables for Sale

Glass dinette sets are popular for several reasons. For one, they are a lot easier to clean than many other materials. They also just seem to go with anything and bring a bit of class to your eating place. Glass dining tables can last for years if properly maintained, which saves you money in the long run. Here are some glass models to look for:
  • Transdeco International Clear Glass Top with Wood Frame
  • Powell 364-410 Basil Antique Brown Pedestal Glass Top
  • Halo Cognac 48" Glass Top
  • Southern Enterprises Lucianna Round Pedestal Glass Top
  • Homelegance Stardust Rectangular Glass Dining Tables

Oak Dining Tables for Sale

Oak is a great choice of material for any type of furniture for its durability and relatively low maintenance. Oak dining tables for sale are rather expensive, however they will last you quite a while. Oak also provides a nice color that goes well with just about any kind of decor or theme. Sometimes it can be tricky determining if something is made from solid oak or just has an oak finish, but it will say in the product description. If you're interested in buying some of these, take a look at these popular models:
  • Coaster Country Solid Oak Large Round Pedestal
  • Tradewins Mission Solid Oak Small Round Pedestal
  • A-America Solid Oak French Provincial Rectangular Dinette Set
  • Sunburts Design Solid Oak Large Oval Pedestal

Japanese Dining Tables for Sale

The Japanese culture is beautiful, and people from all over the world embrace Japanese decor in their homes. There is just something peaceful and cerebral about this style of furniture. Japanese dining tables are a great way to add some flavor to your dinette. There are several different styles to choose from as well. Some are low to the ground like the traditional Japanese design, while others are normal height but with a Japanese twist. Take a look at these brands if you're interested in this style:
  • Powell
  • Oriental Furniture
  • Hammary's Kanson Collection

Round Dining Tables for Sale

Round dining tables provide a bit of a casual vibe and the simple pedestal design makes them convenient and affordable in many cases. There are tons of round models available and each has its own personalized pedestal, however there are also a few four-leg designs to choose from. The most common size is 48" but some can be as large as 60" or even 72". Here are some of the best round dinette sets to look for:
  • Hillsdale Furniture Garden Back Large Round Pedestal
  • Home Styles Round Pedestal
  • Neiman Marcus "Graham" Large Round Pedestal
  • Crate and Barrel Seneca Round Four-Leg Style
  • Wildon Home Longoria Large Round Pedestal

Cheap Dining Tables for Sale

Finding cheap furniture can be frustrating, especially if you're limiting yourself to stores around your area. In order to get the best deals, you should shop online. There are a lot more furniture stores on the web than there are in your neighborhood and they all have a very wide selection of cheap products. Comparing prices is also a lot more convenient as it only takes a few clicks of the mouse. You can find cheap dining tables for sale on other websites like Amazon, Overstock, and eBay as well. The key is to shop around on as many websites as possible and compare all the prices. Save the cheap ones and go back to them later and figure out which one has the most affordable shipping costs. Google's Shopping tool can be used to make this process even easier.

Used Dining Tables for Sale

If you can find used dining tables that are still in good condition, then you can score a pretty good deal on a cheap piece of furniture. Check out pawn shops, used furniture stores, newspaper listings, flea markets if you want to shop around town. Websites like eBay, Amazon, craigslist, and yakaz are great resources as well and they offer a much bigger selection than anything you'll find around town. Used dining tables can easily be rejuvenated with a new stain, varnish or a fresh coat of paint. If you're on a budget, this is definitely the way to go.