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Darley's, 312 Boothferry Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 9AR.

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312 Boothferry Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 9AR

Initial Impressions

Darley's is a Hungry Horse pub, part of the Green King group, on Boothferry Road in Hessle, near the roundabout. Limited car parking is available to the front of the pub, with a larger car park to the rear. The inside of the pub is separated into a family area, and a smaller area where only over 18s are allowed.

The pub was visited on a Saturday evening. The pub was very busy, with almost all the tables in the family area occupied. The few that weren't were reserved, so it was necessary to wait for a table. A number of booths in the family dining area had small televisions built into the walls, although you had to get one of the wait staff to change the channel.

Unusually for pubs these days, there was actually a live band setting up, which started playing later in the evening.

To order food, you first got a table, then, after deciding what you wanted, you went to the bar to place your order. It was possible to open a tab, meaning if more food or drink was wanted, it was possible to order that from the table without having to return to the bar.

The only available offer on a Saturday night was two desserts for £5.

Main Course

The main course ordered was a Hot or Not Chicken Skewer. This comprised of two skewers of chicken, with peppers, onions, grilled tomato, chips and onion rings. A choice of sauces was available to top the chicken with, BBQ, Piri Piri, Smokey Chipotle or Sweet Chilli. The one chosen was Piri Piri.

The order took just short of twenty minutes to arrive, which was not bad considering the level of custom. There was a lot of chicken on the skewers, looking to be at least two fillet's worth. The meal was served on a hot metal skillet. The Piri Piri sauce was nice, but not that spicy. Unfortunately, the onion rings had been forgotten.

The metal skillet not only kept the food warm, it was so hot that the food actually got hotter the longer it was on it. The meal was nice and there was quite a quantity of chicken.

The drink ordered was a bottle of Coca Cola, which was served from the fridge and so cool enough without ice.


The dessert was ordered at the table, thanks to a tab being opened when the food was ordered. The dessert was a Knickerbocker Glory, which had pineapple chunks, raspberry sauce, ice cream and squirty cream. Nothing special, but nice enough. The dessert took under five minutes to be served, pretty good considering how busy the place was.

My Opinion

Having to go to the bar to place your first order is inconvenient when visiting by yourself, as you have to pick a table first, although being able to open a tab does make further orders much easier. The meal was nice enough, and the price wasn't excessive, coming to £12.93, cheaper than many places on a Saturday night. Service was fast for the level of custom; it's unfortunate that the onion rings were forgotten from the main course. 2.5/5.