Yates’s, 24-28 Boar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5DA.

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24-28 Boar Ln, Leeds LS1 5, UK

Initial Impressions

The location was visited at lunchtime on a Saturday, which was probably the reason why it was so busy and the fact that it was in Leeds city centre, and apparently gets a lot of custom.

There were two areas available; a downstairs area with the main bar, and an upstairs balcony area with a small bar which overlooked the downstairs. The upstairs area was the one chosen to eat in.

After choosing a table, you had to go to the bar to order food. The small bar in the upstairs area was the one chosen. The food was ordered here, as was a large Coke and a sparkling mineral water, but it was necessary to go downstairs to order a Guinness. There was an advised thirty minute delay for the food, undoubtedly due to the level of business.

Main Course

There were no problems with the drinks. The mineral water was bottled and was fine, the Guinness was very good and the draught Coke was as good as is typical for draught.

At this point, things went wrong. It took sixty four minutes for the food to arrive, more than double the thirty minutes advised when the order was placed. People who came in after, and placed their food order later, were receiving it first. Some leeway in time is tolerable, say a few minutes more than expected. Over double the advised time is definitely not.

The meals ordered were as follows:

An all day breakfast, which consisted of two slices of bacon, fried mushrooms, two fried eggs, half a grilled tomato, baked beans and two sausages.

A cottage pie served with peas and chips.

The all day breakfast

Only the sausages of the food on the plate were hot. The rest of the food was only lukewarm. The bacon had been cooked so that it was chewy and the eggs had overcooked yolks and were rubbery. The whole meal gave the impression that it had been forgotten and left standing somewhere for an unknown amount of time, then quickly reheated in the microwave.

The cottage pie

This was totally inedible. The topping of mashed potato looked unpleasant, and the minced meat in the pie was vile. The side of peas was cold, but the chips were hot. Although the pie was rectangular in shape, it was served in an oval bowl.

In Conclusion

When the waitress removed the dishes, she asked if everything had been okay with the meals and if any coffee or desserts were wanted. Despite the various problems with the meals being mentioned, nothing was done regarding this; not an apology, an offer of discount or voucher, or anything such as other items being offered. Naturally, given the quality of food experienced so far, no additional orders were made.

Even though the entire meal only came to £15, and gourmet dining would not be expected for that price, the food and service would be expected to at the very least equal, and in actuality be better than, the standard that you would get from McDonalds.

The Yates's on Boar Lane in Leeds is not recommended for dining out, due to the appallingly slow food service, and the poor quality of the food when it did finally arrive. 1/5.