For a long time dinky diecast toys have been in the market and lives of collectors. For over 70 years the company has been producing and servicing these collectibles to the public. Before they were called dinky toys the company was run by Meccano Ltd, and it wasn't until 1934 where they became their own company. Sadly it all ended in the 80's, unfortunately the company's time came to an end.

One of the first dinky toy models was a car. But before it actually became an independent company Meccano was building railway accessories for their O Scale Homby Railways model trainsets. They produced a entire crew, track, workers, and the trackside accessories. Since it was such a success the company saw the opportunity of taking dinky diecast toys to the next level.

Frank Homby, who was the creator of dinky diecast and Meccano Ltd Toy Company expanded to other diecast models like, model ships, airplanes and a range of others. The first set of cars that Frank came out with were the No. 22. Which was a set of six cars scale 1:43 (O scale), that consisted of a motor truck, sports car, tractor, delivery van, sports coupe, and a tank. As you can already imagine the release was a success and the dinky diecast car line was well received by kids and to your surprise adults. So much that they were in great demand during and post-war years.

Because of dinky's pre-war issues the company had to cut cost and manufacture the models from cheap zinc alloy without thinking about the future. Today it's hard to find some models in good condition because of this deterioration named zinc pest. To no surprise because of the cheaply made models, this had an impact on the dinky collecters and their models breaking and deteriorating.

After the war around the year 1940 dinky diecast toys a lot changed and the new line of toys was incredibly better and more long lasting than the pre-war line. Thanks to the use of better, more reliable and higher grade alloy material, it made the toys more durable and of higher quality that made them last decades. You might be more familiar with the name Mattel or Matchbox International Ltd, well around the 1980's they combined, unfortunately with time dinky name got absorbed by the new brand.